Episode 47: How Adam Raised $5 Million In One Day

Today we are joined by Adam Colburn, the owner-operator of Oak & Arrow Home Solutions based in Raleigh, NC. As a local company, they have an intimate understanding of the area, ensuring they can provide the best offer to potential home sellers.

Adam’s passion for helping people and creating win-win situations is at the core of his business. He believes that by focusing on serving first, success will always follow. This approach is evident in his company’s goal of providing practical solutions to any real estate situation, and this sense of community helps him better connect with potential private lenders—recently raising $5 million in a day!

Join us in this episode as we learn from Adam’s experience and get valuable insights into his business philosophy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Raising private money is as simple as starting conversations.
  • Offering the knowledge that raising private money through IRAs is a tax-free way for private lenders.
  • How Adam raised $5 million in private money
  • Get returns for your investors safely and securely
  • Leading with a servant’s heart
  • Working with senior living homes to find private lenders
  • How to start a conversation about private money with a potential lender
  • What is a senior transitions specialist?
  • Take the action for your passion.

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Connect with Adam:

Website: www.oakandarrowhomesolutions.com
Email: oakandarrowhomesolutions@gmail.com


0:01 – Raising Private Money with Jay Conner

1:06 – Today’s Guest: Adam Colburn

4:10 – Did You Know That There Is A Way To Earn Tax-Free Money?

6:21 – How Adam Raised $5 Million In Private Money

9:00 – How To Get Returns For Your Investors Safely & Securely

10:49 – Lead With A Servant’s Heart

15:43 – Senior Living Facilities Are Great Leads For Raising Private Money

21:07 – What Is A Senior Transitions Specialist?

25:50 – Jay’s Free Money Guide: https://www.JayConner.com/MoneyGuide

27:01 – If You Have Something You Are Passionate About, Do It And Take Action – Adam Colburn