Episode 48: How To Scale With Private Money with Dave Dubeau

Dave Dubeau is a seasoned real estate investor and CEO of Results Enterprises Inc. He helps real estate entrepreneurs scale their portfolios by attracting investors and JV partners. Dave is the creator of the Money Partner Formula process, which enables investors to raise six figures (or more) in six weeks (or less) by attracting the right investors.

Dave has been investing in real estate since 2003 and has helped thousands of real estate entrepreneurs worldwide. He is also a passive investor, best-selling author, and sought-after speaker. Dave has been featured on some of the largest real estates shows on the internet and has shared the stage with industry titans such as Robert Kiyosaki, George Foreman, and Arlene Dickinson.

Dave’s knowledge and experience can help you extract the best tips and strategies to get the money you need, whether you’re a new or seasoned investor. So tune in to this episode of Raising Private Money!

Key Takeaways:

  • The significant benefits of private money lending over traditional lending
  • Private money puts you more in control of your business
  • Why use private lenders instead of your own cash
  • The Money Partner Formula
  • When dealing with private money, put the money first before your need.
  • Most of the money you’re going to attract and raise is going to come over time.
  • The importance of mindset when attracting money
  • Set realistic expectations for your private lenders
  • Build a relationship with your private lenders beyond just asking for money
  • Having your lenders sign “an expression of interest” as an unofficial yet concrete document of a deal

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0:01 – Raising Private Money with Jay Conner

0:48 – Today’s Guest: Dave Dubeau

3:06 – How Dave Dubeau Got Started In Using Private Money

4:38 – Private Money vs. Hard Money

6:48 – Private Money Puts You In Control Of Your Real Estate Business

10:35 – The Money Partner Formula

16:00 – The Money Comes First

17:55 – The Money Is In The Follow-Up

21:32 – Attracting Private Money: It’s All About The Mindset

27:02 -Offering Realistic Deals

30:06 – What Is An Expression Of Interest?

32:53 – Connect With Dave Dubeau: https://www.MoneyPartnerFormula.com

33:33 – Check out Dave’s Podcast: https://www.DaveInterviewsYou.com