Episode 30: The Secret No One Guesses to More Success in 2023 with Brad Chandler

Brad Chandler is an expert in real estate and the founder of Express Homebuyers, a company he started after an investor bought a house in his neighborhood in 2002. In the 20 years since Brad has bought and sold over 4,000 homes across the country.

However, Brad’s journey to success and happiness was not always smooth. He struggled with unresolved trauma from his childhood that led to a lack of self-love, costing him two marriages and $9 million in business mistakes, turning to vices to cope.

But through a transformative exercise, ongoing meditation, and neural reprogramming, Brad was able to find self-love and achieve true freedom and happiness. He joins us today to share his journey, both in his career and his mental health, to help others reach holistic success!

Key Takeaways:

  • How funding with private money changed Brad’s business.
  • Tax-free returns for private lenders using their retirement funds.
  • No appraisals, junk fees, and unnecessary inspections with private money, unlike hard money.
  • Brad on addressing his childhood trauma and living in the truth.
  • Self-development helps you develop your business.
  • The benefits of self-love.
  • How to achieve true freedom.
  • Childhood trauma’s effects can hold you back from fulfillment.
  • What to expect when you work with Brad.

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0:01 – Raising Private Money with Jay Conner

1:04 – Today’s Guest: Brad Chandler

4:16 – How Brad Raised Millions In Private Money

6:39 – How To Converse With A Potential Private Lender

10:15 – Private Money versus Hard Money

11:19 – Jay’s Free Money Guide: https://www.JayConner.com/MoneyGuide

12:27 – Live In Your Truth: Finding Self-Love and Compassion

15:17 – Major Impact Of Brad’s Transformation

19:43 – How To Achieve True Freedom

21:49 – Email Brad To Receive His Self-Love Quiz: brad@bradchandler.com

25:32 – What Void Are You Trying To Fill?

27:19 – Connect With Brad Chandler: https://www.BradChandler.com/Contact

29:24 – Brad’s Parting Parting Message: “ Let Me Help You. You Deserve To Live A Joyous & Peaceful Life”

The Secret No One Guesses to More Success in 2023 with Brad Chandler


Brad Chandler (00:00):

Because I didn’t know this for 47 years. I didn’t know why I had bad relationships and why I had to drink and why I had to use marijuana. People suffer all the time through obesity and drug addiction and working too much, anxiety, depression, and the list goes on and on and on, and on and on. Medical issues, cancer, everything. It all comes back to your unmet childhood needs. So if you’re suffering, you really don’t have to, and I’m living proof of that.


Narrator (00:26):

If you are a real estate investor and are wondering how to raise and leverage private money to make more profit on every deal and the right place on raising private money, we’ll speak with new and seasoned investors to dissect their deals and extract the best tips and strategies to help you get the money because the money comes first. Now, here’s your host, Jay Conner.


Jay Conner (01:04):

Welcome to another episode of Raising Private Money. I’m Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority, also your host of this show. I’m so excited to have my guest with me today, who is not only a guest but also a very, very dear friend. When my guest first got introduced to real estate all the way back when he was only in ninth grade, he read this book on how to buy houses. Well, in 2002, he bought his very first piece of real estate, and now about 21 years later, he has bought and sold, are You ready? Over 4,000 homes all across the country. So he’s a phenomenal real estate investor. But today we’re talking about how you own the real estate between your ears. Well, this is why my guest and friend are so qualified. You see, during his efforts to help his son overcome really, really extreme anxiety, my friend found out that he himself had unresolved trauma all the way back to his childhood.


Jay Conner (02:14):

And that unresolved trauma really caused my friend’s subconscious mind to rule his life by a set of lies, by a set of untruths. And one of those lies was he felt unworthy and feeling unworthy leads to this feeling of, you know, lack of self-love, lack of self-compassion. Well, these lies and untruths dominated my friend’s life. Most of his life cost him two marriages. He lost 9 million in business mistakes. And he was, you know, an obsessive user of alcohol and marijuana just to escape those feelings amongst many of the other negative things that were going on. I mean, he had it all. I mean, he had the big yacht, he had the big house, he had the luxury vehicle, yet he just felt empty. He felt unfulfilled. He just really wasn’t happy. He didn’t feel free. Well, he went through this transformative exercise and ongoing meditation and this thing called neural reprogramming. And he was actually able to find, once again, self-love, and self-compassion. And no longer does he allow these lives to affect his life. And the reason I wanted to invite my dear friend to come onto the show today is to share with you how he literally and figuratively got born again and how he’s found true freedom. And on today’s show, he’s going to share with you how he has now created a proven process that will allow you to experience the same thing. Right after this, you’re gonna meet my dear friend Brad Chandler.


Jay Conner (04:15):

Well, Brad, before we get into your trans transformation story, I mean, I, remember it like it was yesterday, I guess it was a couple of years ago. You know, you and I are in a mastermind group together, and you told this story about how your life had just changed. I mean, I sat in the mastermind meeting with my, just my jaw dropped that first of all, you were willing to take your filter off and share really what you had been through and how you were able to get transformed through it. But before we get to that, I wanna first talk about your real estate background and your experience in raising private money. You’ve raised private money into the millions of dollars you did, and you’ve done over 4,000 real estate deals all across the nation. My first question is, in relation to private money, what was your, what did your real estate business look like before raising private money? And when you started raising private money, how did it change your real estate investing business?


Brad Chandler (05:19):

So, Jay, we’ve borrowed and returned hundreds of millions of dollars of private money. I think when I first started, I was going to a bank, and at the time, this was in 2003 there were some lenient banks and we were getting a hundred percent financing because they would give us 80% of the repair, the after repair value. So we had some pretty good financing, but working with banks can be really, really cumbersome. You can only do a certain amount of properties. And as we start to scale, we click quickly outgrew the bank. And I wasn’t the finance guy to have all my, well, first of all, banks don’t really wanna lend on to a company because they look at you as a real estate company, and we’re really an inventory company. So it really, I guess it would, it would’ve stopped our growth. So I went out to do what I do best and I networked and I found someone, someone who had gone to my graduate school. I have an MBA in real estate from the University of Wisconsin, said, Hey, I’ve got these brothers, these high net worth brothers, and those brothers alone over these 19 years, I don’t know how many millions of, tens of millions of dollars they’ve made an interest off of us. But we’ve probably bar and returned 250 million just to those two brothers. So it was a game changer for us, for sure.


Jay Conner (06:28):

So, the majority of your private money came from networking, right? So how do you talk to a potential private lender And what drives that question, Brad, is I tell people all the time, so my wife Carol, joy, and I, we’ve got 44 private lenders right now funding our deals. We got about, we don’t have 250 million, we got eight and a half million that we sort of churn from house to house to house. And I’ve never pitched a deal. I’ve never asked anybody if they wanted to fund a deal. I’ve never, you know, you know, the traditional, as you know, very well, the traditional way of borrowing money for real estate is you go to the banker, you get on your hands and knees and you put your hands underneath your chin, you go, please fund my deal. Please fund my deal. You know, and you know, in this world of private money, it’s like 180 degrees shift.


Jay Conner (07:23):

You know, we don’t beg, we don’t ask. We actually teach people, we put on our teacher hat and teach people about pr, private money is, and you know, how they can get high rates of return to safely and securely. We teach ’em our private lending program, and now they’re chasing us. You know, since covid Brad, I’ve had more money chasing me than ever before. You know, it’s interesting. Prior to Covid, there was 18 trillion in cash in people’s retirement accounts. And now since Covid, there are over 31 trillion. There’s so much money on the street. But back to the question to you, when you started talking to potential private lenders, what did that conversation sound like?


Brad Chandler (08:01):

I mean, it was just, it was the truth, right? Everything about me is the truth. The truth shall set you free on so many levels. I would just tell ’em the truth. I’m like, listen, we’re new, but I’ve been in real estate. I, I have a great real estate re-education. I’ve done some, done some real estate. Cuz I was, when I was employed, I did a little bit of real estate. And I would say, look, here’s what we do. We spend marketing dollars, we find distressed home sellers where we can buy their house for 20, 30% below market. We’re looking for a loan. We’d like a loan for you to fund the acquisition and the renovation. These guys funded the acquisition and the renovation all upfront. And I think we were, you know, we started out at 14% in two points, and I think now we’re closer to like nine and, and nine in one with ’em.


Brad Chandler (08:44):

So that was it. And I can remember what they said back to me, what so many people said back, I don’t understand this, this is 2003, 2004. You could put a handwritten sign in your window and say, for sale, and it would sell in a second. Why would anyone sell their house for 30% below market? I was, and my response was, why do people drive without their seat belts and smoke cigarettes? They just do. They just do. So that was the hardest thing for some of these guys to understand. When I told them that we bought houses that were 30% below market, they were just blown away. Like, really? Yeah. Really?


Jay Conner (09:17):

Yeah. I mean, you know, Brad, you and I have come to know each other very, very well. And that’s another thing right there that you just shared, we’ve got in common. The thing of it is, when I first started talking with private lenders, potential private lenders back in 2009, first of all, none of ’em had ever even heard of private money, never even heard of private lending. None of them had ever heard of self-directed IRAs and how they could transfer retirement funds that they currently have, penalty-free, tax-free over to a self-directed IRA company, and then loan that money out to our company and get unlimited returns tax and penalty-free. I’ve got one private lender, Brad, that in just one year earned $65,000 tax-free. And that’s because of the type of retirement account that he had that he was, you know, loaning the money out to us. And you know, we’re not talking hard money. Of course, you and I have got a lot of good friends that actually own hard money brokerages, but share with our listeners what’s the difference between hard money and private money.


Brad Chandler (10:29):

Well, I mean, hard mo or look hard money is still it’s still a bank. I mean, it’s not, it’s not an official like F D I C regulated bank, but these people want appraisals a lot of times they want personal guarantees they’re gonna come inspect the house. They look at comps and stuff. I mean, for 19 years now, I could sit here and send an email to these brothers and say, Hey, we’re buying 1, 2, 3 Maple Street tomorrow. We’re gonna buy for 300 and it needs $50,000 worth worth of renovations and it’s gonna sell for five 50 and they’ll wire us the three 50 the next day. There are no appraisals, there are no junk fees, there’s no, there’s no someone coming to the house and bothering the sellers and doing an inspection. So that’s a big difference.


Jay Conner (11:20):

Brad, let’s go ahead and give our listeners a free gift. Right now we’re talking about private money. We’re talking about what Brad just said. You make a phone call, there’s no appraisal there’s no inspection, and you’ve got your private lender wiring the funds for the purchase and for the renovation if there are renovations. And most of the time there is, I’m so excited about my brand new private money guide, which is called Seven Reasons Why Private Money will Skyrocket your real estate business and help you build incredible wealth. If you want to get on the fast track to private money and get plugged into private money and you make the rules and have the money wired to fund your deals in three days, then download my private money guide for free at www.JayConner.com/MoneyGuide.


Jay Conner (12:15):

That’s www.JayConner.com/MoneyGuide. And get the private money funding your deals where you make the rules and the bank doesn’t. Well, Brad, I want us to move right on to your fascinating story. As I said, you know, I remember sitting there in the meeting room when you shared this transformative story. So I mean, you know, I’ve known you for a number of years now, probably at this point, probably seven years, but you are a totally different person. I mean, you’re completely different than when I met you seven years ago. What happened?


Brad Chandler (13:00):

What happened? That old truth where I started living in the truth, I went to get my son help for his anxiety. And on a zoom call, the lady said, you have a tick. And I said, what are you talking about? She said you blink profusely when you talk about your childhood. You may have some unresolved childhood trauma. Do you wanna come out and work with me and my ex Nevi Seal’s husband here in Utah? And I said, sure. Brought my son out there. And in a weekend, really three hours we went back and looked at my childhood and find, found the stress and trauma. And when you go through stress and trauma as a child, you form these beliefs and you form these meanings. And so when, so when a six-year-old has something bad happen to them, what does that six-year-old say, I must be bad.


Brad Chandler (13:40):

That’s their brain doing its job, trying to cope with the stress that they’re going, you know, going under. And so what we did in that three hours is we rewrote those untruths and I came out of there saying, wait, I’m, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m enough. I’ve always been enough. I always will be enough. I don’t need to prove my worth anymore. And this heavy weight just got lifted off of my chest and I started, I for the first time had complete self-love and self-compassion, which allowed me to see the world in a completely different light. So yeah, I am a completely different person. I haven’t had a drink. It’ll be two years in, in like two weeks. Quit smoking marijuana. My relationship with my kids is way better. My relationships with everyone’s better and my company’s thriving because I no longer am trying to make a bunch of money and create chaos and open new markets and chase every shiny object I see to make a bun much of money to prove my worth.


Brad Chandler (14:31):

I now am focused on how can I make the greatest impact on this, on this earth while I’m still here. And that is like, how can I make an impact on my employees, my investors, my sellers? And when you shift that focus, ironically the money comes more than when you focus on the money to prove your worth. But the secret here, or the key, or whatever you wanna call it, it is, I didn’t know this for 47 years. I didn’t know why I had bad relationships and why I had to drink and why I had to use marijuana. People suffer all the time, through obesity and drug addiction and working too much, anxiety, depression, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on. Medical issues, cancer, everything. It all comes back to your unmet childhood needs. So if you’re suffering, you really don’t have to. And I’m living proof of that.


Jay Conner (15:15):

You know, Brad comparing how we first met a few years ago, it is so evident that you are living and experiencing and feeling actually like true joy, true joy. You know, you’ve had a wildly successful business, quote, unquote successful, you know, to some people success means making a lot of money. But as you said just a moment ago, it’s not all about making, you know, when you put the money first, you know, does joy really like, you know, follow that? So since you have gone through this transformation beginning two years ago first of all, how long did it take for you to go from being stressed out, and having to rely on distractions and addictions to just getting through the day or getting through the night? How long did it take to get free of that?


Brad Chandler (16:15):

It took me three hours to make an enormous, enormous shift. And then, you know, if, if, if this is the spectrum right here, like I’m holding up my hands about a foot away, if this is your life, and here’s where I was, and here’s where it com someone completely enlightened and perfect is I made this huge jump. I mean, huge jump in a matter of hours. And then in the coming weeks and months really most of, most of them, the dramatic shift happened in the three hours. And now when I work with clients and I’ve developed this proven process to do the same thing I see amazing shifts in between that third and fourth hour of working with them.


Jay Conner (16:53):

So since you went through this transformation in such a short period of time a couple of years ago, what does your business look like now compared to what it was like before the shift?


Brad Chandler (17:05):

It was like co complete chaos for nine. I mean, not complete. It was a lot of chaos for 19 years because I was hiring people who were gonna try to make me the most money I brought in CFO after CEO, and my gut told me was wrong. But I’m like, well, they’ve built companies, they’re gonna make me rich. And if they do, none of this is conscious, all unconscious. If they’re, if they’re gonna, if they make me rich, I’m gonna be okay constantly opening new markets when I shouldn’t have hiring the wrong people. I mean, it’s completely different just like I am. The culture has changed. People have seen me on podcasts and said, and literally called me and said, I wanna work for that guy. And we’ve hired, we’ve hired them. I’ve gone inside my business and people who, one of the first clients I ever had was a virtual assistant of ours. She’s 35 years old. She slept two to three hours a night. She had severe migraines, she had severe anxiety, and she had a crappy relationship with her husband and her and her son. In three one-hour sessions, she completely changed. And she’ll, it’s, she’s one of my testimonials on my website. She now sleeps eight, eight hours a night. She has no main anxiety and her migraines are gone.


Jay Conner (18:10):

So speaking of your website Brad, your website is www.BradChandler.com. So since this transformation, how much time are you spending on your business now?


Brad Chandler (18:29):

I spend about three hours a week, and we’re gonna do we did just around 300 deals in 2022.


Jay Conner (18:38):

Wow. Amazing Brad. And you’re now working with clients and sharing with them how they can experience this same kind of transformation. And, you know, what’s really cool is that when you transform yourself or yourself gets transformed, everything else in your world is affected, right?


Brad Chandler (18:56):

Everything, your relationships. If, if you’re struggling with a relationship with your partner or your wife, the first place you gotta look is the mirror. It’s never about the relationship you have with the other, another individual. It’s about the relationship you have with yourself. So your marriage gets better, your relationship with your kids gets better, and your relationship with your business partner gets better. Your, health improves. No longer need to drink or, or eat or food or use anything really to cope, because there’s nothing to cope with. All of this is made up of stress. This is all from these untruths that we’ve told ourselves since childhood trauma. Our brain did what it should have done back then, but now with this new awareness, we can change what our brain thinks. And you can see the world in a whole different light. And yes, Jay, everything in my world and everything in your world will change if you decide to take this journey.


Jay Conner (19:41):

Well, you know, it’s, it seems to me that not only joy and fulfillment come from this transformation, but actually feeling free. Right? And, and you know, it, it would seem to me that prior to your transformation, even though you were wild quote unquote successful in business, perhaps you felt like you were in like this freedom. I mean in this prison, in this prison, and after transformation, you’re like, really free. So here’s my question. How does someone truly get freedom and experience it?


Brad Chandler (20:15):

Yeah, so there’s only one way. No cars, no boats, no women, no fancy dresses, nothing can bring you freedom. The one thing that can bring you freedom is self-love, self-love, and self-compassion. And where does that come from? It comes from untelling these untruths that you tell yourself that you’re not good enough, you don’t belong. You can’t ever get what you want. And so if you asked that question me two years ago, three years ago, Jay, and you go, do you love yourself? I’d say, well, of course, I do. So I developed this self-love quiz because now I know better. So if you’re sitting there thinking, well, I have a lot of self-love, I don’t care what people think. Ask yourself a few of these questions. Do you have, have you experienced a deeply connected, passionate, intimate relationship with someone you felt safe with?


Brad Chandler (20:54):

Are you in that right now? Or are you bumping from, from bad relationship to the next? Do you find yourself judging others on a regular basis? Do you judge yourself on a regular basis? Do you talk negatively to yourself on a regular basis? Do you find yourself getting super frustrated with small things others may not get irritated over? Do you frequently take things personally and get upset by others’ actions? Do you have an addiction of any kind? Do you have self-destructive behaviors, drink too much, eat too much drug use, sexual whatever it is? Do you put others’ needs before yours regularly? Do you often feel guilty or ashamed? Are you able to handle criticism from others without getting super upset? If any of these you answer yes to, it shows you that you may lack self-love and self-compassion. And if you do, it’s gonna affect every area of your life, every area of your life. And I’ll email that if you wanna reach out to me, I’ll email that quiz to anyone who wants it and you guys can take it anonymously and for free.


Jay Conner (21:48):

Brad, thank you so much. So if you answered yes to any of those questions that Brad asked you, well, Brad’s going to give you his email address. Would you, would you like for us to give him brad chandler.com/contact or your email, which, so


Brad Chandler (22:05):

My email’s there, but it’s brad@bradchandler.com. Real easy,


Jay Conner (22:08):

There you go. Well, hey, look folks, the filter is still off. That’s brad@bradchandler.com. And when they email you, what should they put in the subject line? What are they asking for?


Brad Chandler (22:29):

Self-Love. That’s it. Self-love. 


Jay Conner (22:33):

Now, Brad, you went through those questions rather quickly because I know you’re rather passionate about what you have experienced and you are passionate about helping people transform as well. One more time. Take your time, and share those questions one more time. I want our listeners to hear this because I believe, well, let me ask you, Brad, in, given your experience, what percentage of the people walking around have experienced what you used to experience?


Brad Chandler (23:05):

So 80, 83% of Americans identify as not being very happy. So I think it’s, I think it’s in the 80% plus range.


Jay Conner (23:14):

All right, one more time. Let’s, let’s do the self-quiz here. Yeah, love it, man. And as Brad, and as Brad is sharing this self-quiz with you, listen to the questions. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you want to email brad brand chandler.com. And see him, I see how he could help you. 


Brad Chandler (23:35):

So, I’m reading them again and there’re some of ’em. So I’m just gonna go through them and tell you what the, what answers appropriately. Have you experienced deeply connected, passionate, intimate relationships with someone you felt safe with? If the answer is no or you experience it for a month chances are you don’t have self-love. Do you find yourself judging others on a regular basis? If you don’t have self-love, do you judge yourself on a regular basis? If you do, you don’t have self-love. Do you talk negatively to yourself on a regular basis? When you make a mistake, are you like, God, you’re such a freaking idiot. No, no self-love. Do you find yourself getting super frustrated with small things other than that others may not get irritated over? That’s a sign that you’ve got a lot of pent-up irritation, sadness, guilt frustration, and unresolved hurt.


Brad Chandler (24:19):

Do you take things personally and frequently get upset by others’ actions if you do lacking self-love and self-compassion, do you have an addiction to anything? An addiction to anything means that you don’t feel enough. And so you just need to give more of whatever it is. Whether it’s gambling, sex, drugs, or alcohol, you just need more and more, more cuz you don’t feel like you’re enough. Do you have self-destructive behaviors? Which means some of ’em, not, not all of ’em. Do you drink a lot? Do you, do you eat? Do you eat too much? Do you drug use? Do you have risky sexual behavior? Do you have suicidal thoughts or self-injury? Any of those things are obviously pure, pure indicators that you don’t have self-love. Can you cope with mental pain, fear, or sadness without turning to substances or things to make you feel better? If you need substances to make you feel better, you lack self-love. Do you put others’ needs before yours regularly? If you do, this is a, I’m not good enough, so I’ve gotta try to get this person to like me to feel better about myself. Do you often feel guilty or ashamed? If you do, that’s definitely childhood stress or trauma. And are you able to handle criticism from others without getting super upset? If you’re not able to handle criticism, it’s another sign that something’s wrong internally.


Jay Conner (25:29):

Thank you for sharing that Brad. You know, Brad, I can personally relate and remember when I had some serious addictions myself in the past, and I remember asking myself, Jay, what is the emptiness that you’re trying to feel, you know, from my own personal experience when you’re, when you’re, you know, when someone is like looking for a distraction or they’re addicted to a behavior, there’s some kind of emptiness that is, that we’re trying to put in there to like, you know, create some kind of feeling. You know, we’re, we’re either moving towards pleasure or we’re trying to run away from pain. And unfortunately, I believe that 83% of the people that you mentioned are trying to run away or escape from some kind of pain. But what is, what is that emptiness that people feel that they’re trying to fill up with something that can’t fill it


Brad Chandler (26:37):

Up? It’s usually one of three things, Jay. It’s a feeling. And this all comes from how they were treated as a child. Their needs weren’t met as a child. And when you hear me say trauma, I think a lot of people check out and they’re like, well, I wasn’t raped, I wasn’t sexually molested. Yes, that’s trauma, but trauma is also your little sister coming home from the, from the hospital and you feel like your parents love her more. So all of every problem in life comes down to unmet childhood needs. And it’s always one of three things. You don’t feel like you’re enough. You feel like you don’t belong and therefore you can’t connect and can’t, you feel like you can’t get what you want and you can never get what you want. And that’s from one of my mentors, Marissa Pier, one of the best in the world. 


Jay Conner (27:17):

Absolutely. So Brad, when someone reaches out to you@bradbradchandler.com, what can they expect?


Brad Chandler (27:27):

So I put out a personal message every day on freedom and happiness. So if you go to that brad chandler.com/connect contact, excuse me, you can connect with me on any social media I’m on, on all, I’m on all of ’em. But what I do offer is a 30-minute free call. Whether you work with me or not is not gonna matter to me in terms of, you know, finances or my life, but working with me could completely change your life forever. So I’m gonna help you whether you work with me or not, I’m gonna help you. So just go to brad chandler.com and schedule a free 30-minute call if you’re suffering in any area of your life in about 5, 6, or 7 minutes. If you’re open to change, don’t call me if you don’t wanna change. If you really, really want to change your life and you are totally willing to look at things from a different perspective than you have your entire life, I can help you. I can help you be your guide to radically transform your life and be the hero of your own life and your family and your business.


Jay Conner (28:20):

To connect with my good friend Brad Chandler, go to www.BradChandler.com/contact. And there you’ll be able to follow him on all of his social media and watch his daily posts that come out. And if you’re just sick and tired of feeling the way that you are day in and day out and you feel like you just don’t have control of your life and that you know life is running you and you’re not running life, you’re not, and you’re not walking through life in a joyous fulfilled, well-fulfilled way, then take advantage of Brad’s free one-on-one to where he can start to help you. You can email him at brad@bradchandler.com, subject line, self-love, just put self-love in the subject line and Brad will reach back out to you. I’ll send Brad, thank you so much for joining me. Yeah, go ahead


Brad Chandler (29:18):

Brad. No, I was just gonna say, I’ll send you that self-love quiz. If you want the self-love quiz, I’ll send it to you.


Jay Conner (29:22):

That’s awesome. Well, Brad, I’m gonna give you final comments before I thank everybody for joining us.


Brad Chandler (29:28):

So thanks for having me to begin with. But look, life is really, really, really freaking beautiful and there is no reason for you to suffer, to be in pain, to be in bad relationships, to have a business that’s in chaos. So I’m living proof I’ve developed over these last two years a proven method from literally some of the world’s best. And if you’re suffering in any year of your life and you want to change it, and you don’t want to go through weeks or months or years weeks, that’s a five-week program. But most therapy, you know, years and years and years, decades, I was in therapy for decades and many of my clients had got nowhere. So if you want radical change and you’re open to change and a willingness to look at things from a different perspective, let me help you. And if I can’t be the one to help you, I’ll certainly pull you in the direction because you deserve to live a free, joyous, happy, peaceful life.


Jay Conner (30:18):

Thank you so much, Brad. I appreciate you so much, friend.


Brad Chandler (30:22):

Thank you. You too.


Jay Conner (30:24):

All right, well there you have it, my friend. Another episode of Raising Private Money with Jay Conner. Our topic today was a little bit different, how to own the real estate between your ears. And, you know, the reason this topic is so important is regardless of what type of real estate you’re doing, what kind of deals you’re doing are you raising private money? First of all, it comes down to that mindset first. But even more importantly, why do we get into business and real estate to start with? It’s for wealth and freedom, right? Well, you can make a bunch of money, but if you don’t have the freedom on the inside where your heart is, then it doesn’t matter at all what’s going on on the outside. Be sure and contact my friend Brad Chandler, thank you so much for joining me here on this episode. I’m Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority. If you found this episode valuable, please be sure and share it with a friend, your family, or your coworkers. If you’re listening on iTunes, touch those dots in the upper right-hand corner and touch. Follow me. If you happen to be watching on YouTube, be sure to subscribe and ring that bell so you don’t miss out on any notifications of our amazing upcoming episodes. So I look forward to seeing you right here on the next episode of Raising Private Money with Jay Conner.