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Episode 05: The 3 Secrets This Real Estate Investor Used To Bring In $995,000 in Private Money Last Month

Jim Zaspel has always been passionate about real estate, diving into investing, flipping, and even teaching others how they can succeed in the field. It’s no surprise that this translated into a successful application of private money in his business, raising over $15 million in the process. In this episode, Jim shares his secrets about…

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Episode 04: Can A Single Mom Find Financial Freedom with Carly Mannino

The only investment you need to start getting into private money is the willingness to learn. Carly Mannino is a single mother who started knowing nothing about the business into becoming a successful real estate investor. And that’s all after learning about real estate investing and private money at a single training event! Tune in…

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Episode 03: From NFL Superstar to Real Estate Millionaire with Dean Rogers

Private money has so much potential to boost real estate investing into making you hundreds of thousands–or even millions–of dollars. It can give anybody the opportunity to start generating or continue building on their wealth. One such is Dean Rogers. An NFL superstar, and now real estate millionaire, Dean joins us to share how private…

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Episode 02: How Jay Conner Raised $1.2 Million in Private Money in Less Than 90 Days

“Did you know, there’s a way people can earn unlimited money, tax-free?” That is one of the questions I ask people to start a conversation on private money. It piques interest, and it works. In this episode, I want to talk about the first time I convinced someone to lend me $250,000, how I’ve improved…

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Episode 01: The Secret Origin of Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority

By 2009, I was denied credit by a bank. In less than 90 days, I raised $2.15 million without ever asking people for money. How? With private money lending. I want to let you in on why private money is the way to go to fund your investments by a huge margin over dealing with…

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