Episode 93: Breaking Free from High-Interest Loans: Real Estate Investing the Right Way

Today, we are excited to share with you some incredible success stories from participants at Jay Conner’s Private Money Conference (Live Event)!

These testimonies demonstrate the transformative power of our program and how it has empowered individuals to achieve their financial goals. 

In this episode, Jay Conner welcomes a diverse range of participants who have experienced tremendous success in their real estate investing endeavors. From industry veterans to beginners just starting out, these individuals have all discovered the keys to financial success in real estate.

The members of Jay’s program speak passionately about the structure and support provided by our mentoring program. They highlight the step-by-step lessons and unparalleled support system that have enabled them to make significant progress both personally and financially. They emphasize the strong sense of community within the program and encourage others to join if they are looking to experience similar life-changing results.

Some of the members share their journey through the ups and downs of the market, particularly during the 2008 crash. Struggling to secure funding for property purchases and rehab costs, this individual felt like they were doing things wrong. However, after joining our program, they have gained a laser focus on their goals and are determined to create their own private lending program, raising a million dollars.

One recurring theme among the members is the level of support and mentorship they have received through Jay’s coaching program. Crystal, one of our highly respected coaches, is praised for her servant’s heart and remarkable accomplishments in the real estate industry. Crystal’s dedication to serving others and fulfilling her calling has inspired many on their real estate journey.

Furthermore, the tight-knit community formed within our coaching program is consistently highlighted as a key factor in the participants’ success. The Platinum group, in particular, is likened to a supportive family that understands and lifts each other up. The bond formed between participants and coaches is evident in the testimonials, and we couldn’t be prouder of the strong community that has been fostered.

So, whether you are an experienced investor seeking new strategies or someone just starting out in the real estate world, these stories of triumph and transformation are sure to inspire you. 

Remember, success in real estate investing is possible, and Jay’s Raising Private Money Program is here to guide you every step of the way. Join us and become a part of our thriving community!

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01:33 – Real estate investing success with Jay.

04:10 – Positive coaching group with a supportive atmosphere.

08:35 – A Structured mentoring program offers real transformation.

12:26 – Surprising event leads to financial success.

15:24 – Life-changing decision leads to financial independence,

23:45 – Private lending is key to success.

26:49 – Struggling to get funding, discovers there is a better way with Private Money

31:21 – Phenomenal coaching, support, and family here.

36:15 – Living example of a selfless servant’s heart

38:38 – Free guide on private money for real estate – https://www.JayConner.com/MoneyGuide


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Breaking Free from High-Interest Loans: Real Estate Investing the Right Way



Narrator [00:00:02]:

If you’re a real estate investor and are wondering how to raise and leverage Private Money to make more profit on every deal, then you’re in the right place on Raising Private Money. We’ll speak with new and seasoned investors to dissect their deals and extract the best tips and strategies to help you get the money because the money comes first. Now, here’s your host, Jay Conner.


Jay Conner [00:00:27]:

All right, so, Jay, you kick-off. Here’s the question, Jay, what’s your experience been in the Platinum and what’s the coaching like for you? And is it different from anything else you’ve had?


Jay for Sharon [00:00:37]:

It’s different. I mean, Crystal is amazing. Even through challenging times, she stays with you, she supports you. She does ask you to be accountable and have some kind of clear strategy to mitigate things. But I have enjoyed it. I’m learning it’s like a family. I can call some of these guys around here and they give me the emotional and mental support through challenging times that I need. These are an amazing group of people up here.


Jay Conner [00:01:05]:

Let’s give Jay a hand for Sharon. All right, Bob, what’s your experience been? And if you were talking to a friend of yours and telling them why they should enroll in Platinum, what would you tell them?


Bob Rippeon [00:01:27]:


Well, first of all, you’re amazing.

Group of people to work with.


Bob Rippeon [00:01:33]:

And right now I’m tired because Crystal, she’s a driver. She does not let you rest. But the platinum program, Doreen and I, my partner here, have been involved in real estate investing for many years, and I’ve gone through many other coaching programs. And when I brought her down, not knowing that she was going to participate, she was just going to go out on the beach and enjoy herself. And the first day she came in, I finally talked her into coming in. And the minute she saw Jay and his team, she fell in love just like I did. And from there on, it’s been a tremendous opportunity for us. We didn’t think that we would ever be this far. As far as I never even considered raising Private Money because I didn’t know anything about it. So this whole concept with private lenders has just been a tremendous help to us. We’re in the process of raising Private Money, and like everybody’s been saying, if we have a question or if we’re stuck on something, they’re just a phone call away. And they’re always willing and able to answer anything that we questions that we have to help us out.


Jay Conner [00:03:13]:

Give Bob a hand for sharing.


Doreen Cleland [00:03:28]:

And Doreen I’ll make it real quick. Bob did a great job. I do want to say that, Jay, you and your team are the real deal. And when we came in June, that was the whole thing. Everybody was trying to figure out, do they do what they say they’re going to do? We’ve all heard all these other programs and we did not get our money’s worth and didn’t get where we needed to be. We’d never be where we are if we weren’t in the program with you. Thank you so much and we appreciate it. Total success. Thank you.


Jay Conner [00:04:08]:

And Tom?


Tom Dunn [00:04:10]:

So I’m part of another group, a coaching group, and have been in that group for a little over a year now, and a huge difference in how it is run and how this one is run. I could name a lot of things, but the big thing is the atmosphere, the spirit of the way we are coached is vastly different. In the other one, we frequently get scolded, and in this one, it’s always lifting you, supporting you, encouraging you. And I want to say something specific about Crystal. Like, they’ve been saying that they’re only a phone call away, they’re there to help you. Just this past weekend, I had a deal that I wanted to know Crystal’s opinion on. And so I sent her an email, and on Sunday she wrote me and she said, I’m going to get to it, but my son just went to the hospital. Do you know she answered my email that evening and she had this thing starting, too, that was just this past Sunday that says something about what you get with this program? Can’t get enough.


Jay Conner [00:05:37]:

And back to Tom for a second. So, Tom, I remember meeting you in person in the restaurant at the first event that you came to. And so my question is, before you enrolled and before you even came to this event, were you a little skeptical, and if so, why?


Tom Dunn [00:06:00]:

I heard about Jay in a podcast with my other group, and so I was intrigued, and so I bought him or got his book, and then I started watching his podcasts or his training things or whatever, and I looked and I thought, okay, I don’t trust this guy. I think he’s arrogant. And then I came here. I thought, well, I’ll give him a chance. I came here and I told him, you are nothing like what I envisioned. He’s full of humility, and he’s real.


Jay Conner [00:06:37]:

Thank you, Tom. Is my face red again? All I can say is, brother, I’m glad you came around. I’m glad you came around. Allen, please share. What’s your experience in platinum?


Allen Ngai [00:06:52]:

It’s very cohesive, and it’s well worth it.


Jay Conner [00:06:56]:

Awesome. Give Allen a hand for sharing. Who do I see down there? Somebody lost weight. Ben, where’s the other hundred pounds of you, man? You look fantastic.


Benjamin Mayo [00:07:10]:

Well, I appreciate Jet.


Jay Conner [00:07:11]:

You look fantastic.


Benjamin Mayo [00:07:15]:

Well, I’m a past platinum. I met Jay in 2015 and became a platinum member at that time. And I went home and got over $100,000 worth of Private Money.


Jay Conner [00:07:31]:

Over 100,000 in Private Money.


Benjamin Mayo [00:07:36]:

And then I became a one-band show. And since that time, that was probably about 2018. I haven’t done a whole lot since then. And I had a conversation with Chaffee in December and we had a good conversation and he told me a lot of things have changed. And I see because I have worked with none of the people that you have here now except for Brenda. So I’m here to see how you operate now, and I see that it is fantastic and I’m looking forward to becoming a Platinum Plus member.


Jay Conner [00:08:14]:

Awesome, Ben.

God bless you.


Benjamin Mayo [00:08:18]:

One other thing that I learned about Jay is he’s for real. One special thing that I like, because I am a Christian, is that he is a Christian and he going to do the right things.


Jay Conner [00:08:34]:




And I’m trying to get out from in front of this speaker because this so, hi, I’m Mary. If I haven’t met you, I want to there are so many good things I could say. In the past, I was very analytical and very structured, and I needed that because I have dealt with other mentoring programs where they’re, yeah, we’re here to help you, but not the structure. What they talked about with all of the Kajabi lessons and all of that, I need that structure, and you’re not going to get that, to my knowledge, anywhere else. They’re step by step, they teach you there’s no stone left unturned. And all of that is great. But the best part, and some of the folks here have already captured that, is they’re real. They are the real deal. I can feel the Holy Spirit in the room. And this is where we’re supposed to be and this is my family that I talk to, some of them five, six times a week, some of them just on the Zoom calls. But they’ve made a difference in my life and I am going to be successful. I already am. It’s just in many different ways, relationship-wise, financially. And I encourage you all, if you haven’t decided this, if you’re thinking this is what you need, you’re right. You’re right. And just thank you guys for everything.


Jay Conner [00:10:09]:

So Kelly is not only on the coaching team and has been on the coaching team for many years with Chaffee, myself, John, and Crystal, but Kelly and her other half are not in the room. That handsome guy walking around somewhere actually enrolled in the program because after working here as a coach,  she decided that the program was actually for them. So, Kelly, as a Platinum member, your experience?


Kelly Carter [00:10:38]:

Well, as a Platinum Member, I tried to tell Kevin we should do this back in 2017. And that’s when he came and met you for the first time as a Platinum Member. There’s so much support. It’s echoing everything that they’ve already said. There’s so much support. And it’s done in a very, very loving way. Everybody has stuff coming up. Everybody has stuff coming up, right? And no matter what comes up in this woman’s life, somehow I’ve told her since I met her, she’s my hero.


Kelly Carter [00:11:10]:

She juggles it.

And she makes it work. And it’s no surprise to me that she answered that email from the hospital the other night. That’s just the kind of person that she is. I’ll call and say, are you available this afternoon? She’ll go, I can talk now. So it’s just that level of commitment and support, and I’m forever grateful.


Kelly Carter [00:11:31]:

And as I said before, I’m not.

Just a coach, I’m a Platinum Plus client.


Jay Conner [00:11:37]:

And how much Private Money is in the Platinum program, of course, you’re in Mastermind as well, but how much Private Money have you and Kevin raised so far?


Kelly Carter[00:11:45]:

We’re hovering at right about a half a million. We plan to do at least that by February.


Jay Conner [00:11:49]:

Again, half a million in Private Money. And I tell you what, Carol Joy is so much a part of this family. Carol Joy, come up here and join us while we’re talking with these folks. I know you’re just, y’all, help me bring Carol Joy on back up here. I’ll switch places with you. So next we have Jonathan and Cara Broyles, and they are Platinum, and they’re Platinum and Mastermind as well. But you all please share your story.


Jonathan Broyles [00:12:26]:

So we came to our first event in 2021. And when we came into the event, really the only thing I told my wife, Cara, was, we’re not signing up for anything today. And that night, we decided to sign up for all of them. And so I would just encourage you because this is by far the best business decision that we’ve ever made. And it’s a large investment. It looks like a large investment on paper, but in the last year, we have nearly tripled our investment. So Jay’s guarantee is a double your money guarantee. We’ve nearly tripled ours, and things are starting to roll for us.


Jay Conner [00:13:05]:

And how much Private Money have you and Cara raised so far?


Jonathan Broyles [00:13:08]:

We have raised 780,000 in Private Money.


Jay Conner [00:13:15]:

And before you pass the mic or Cara, you can answer this.


Cara Broyles [00:13:19]:

I don’t need to.


Jay Conner [00:13:19]:

Yeah, you do. So anyway, not only the Private Money, but you all just recently cashed out on a deal, right, that you shared with the Mastermind members. And what was your profit on that cash-out? Just on that one deal?


Cara Broyles [00:13:35]:



Jay Conner [00:13:36]:



Jay Conner [00:13:37]:

And then we have Erica and Eric. 

Eric, also known as Banjo. And so please share your story and your Platinum experience.


Erica Camardelle [00:13:52]:

I just want to say to speak about the program, I think it’s so awesome that it works in any market, whether it’s a hot market or not. It also works in any area we come from all over the United States, and if we can raise over a million in private lending in small-town Mississippi, I think anyone can do it.


Jay Conner [00:14:10]:

How much Private Money have you raised so far?


Erica Camardelle [00:14:12]:

1.4 million.


Jay Conner [00:14:13]:

1.4 million in Private Money.


Erica Camardelle[00:14:20]:

So two years ago when I came, he was just taking me on a vacation to the beach to get away from the four kids for the first time.


Jay Conner [00:14:28]:

And little did you know.


Erica Camardelle[00:14:29]:

Little did I know. As they said, we were coming and we were not buying a thing. We were coming to get whatever information we could get out of this three-day program. And before we left, we signed up after giving them such a hard time. But we have not looked back since. Eric can tell you about what happened after we came.


Banjo Camardelle [00:14:50]:

So I had a plan to quit the railroad. I was still working in a nine-to-five. Well, really 330 in the morning, I’d leave the house, and I’d be home at 430 in the afternoon. And I had a plan to leave that job. January 2023, that’s not happened yet. Right. But I ended up quitting with the help of this entire team, especially the large shoe size of Chaffee to quit the railroad. April 2021.


Banjo Camardelle [00:15:24]:

So this decision that we made back in October of 2020 has changed our lives. I don’t have to work for anybody anymore. Our children are about to all be home-schooled. We’re going to be able to do what we want when we want. We are full-time real estate investors, both of us. We are also hosts and we run a local RIA in Poplarville, Mississippi now. I also host a networking business meeting that is held every Friday in our small town. And it just keeps getting better and better. We’re getting more and more involved in our city and we’re becoming game changers. And we’re also both published authors now.


Jay Conner [00:16:20]:

So what’s the name of your book?


Banjo Camardelle [00:16:22]:

“Low Risks, High returns.”


Jay Conner [00:16:24]:

And how how are you now? Because you just became published Monday of this week.

How are you going to use the book?


Banjo Camardelle [00:16:30]:

It’s going to be a Private Money razor for us. It’s going to be a credibility tool. We’ve already established ourselves as an authority down there in Mississippi for Private Money and this is just going to help move the needle.


Jay Conner [00:16:45]:

And how did you get published so easily and so quickly?


Banjo Camardelle [00:16:50]:

Chaffee helped us out. So it was a program that y’all introduced to us and it’s a done-for-you thing. Personalized book, all about Private Money.


Jay Conner [00:17:05]:

So when you sit down with the coaches, the way you can get your own done for you book, if you have an interest in your own done for you private lending book that you can give out to potential private lenders, I mean, it’s all about you in the book, but it’s done for you. When you sit down, the coaches, either Chaffee Crystal or John, will be able to explain to you how you can get your own done for your book as well. So that’s an amazing story right there. Give Banjo and Erica another.


Jay Conner [00:17:38]:

Before we pass the mic, go back down to Erica for a little bit. So this is a real estate investing coaching program, but there’s more to it than that. There’s personal development. You know, I tell people, until you own the real estate that is between your ears, it’s going to be very hard to do real estate out there and implement it. So, Erica, when we first met at the first live event, how would you describe how you felt then speaking in front of crowds and standing up here in front of a room compared to today?


Erica Camardelle[00:18:15]:

So my first event was at the Dunes Club. It was during COVID And I will never forget because I was supposed to be at the know, I wasn’t supposed to be at this real estate conference. I was not an investor. Jay was like, okay, raise your right hand. The little affirmations that we do. And I’d be like, okay. And so I would say it quietly, and I just did not own it. I was very self-conscious, and I had zero confidence in this program with the mindset training. As you all can see, I am talking on the mic. I don’t know if you all noticed, but I’m in the back yelling and screaming, and I say my affirmations. And it’s just been a real game changer for personal development as well.


Jay Conner [00:18:55]:

Were you skeptical even as you were enrolling before you signed up?


Erica Camardelle [00:19:00]:

Absolutely. So Eric was in a program before, and it did weekly calls, and I remember him just being over it. He’s like, I’m not doing these calls anymore. They’re just not any good for me. I’m just busy. And I’m like, okay, well, I’ll do it. I’ll listen to the calls. And so I got on the first call that week, and it was a recording. I couldn’t speak to anyone or whatever. So we would dial in, and I think the first one was on, like, breathing exercises. This was like real estate coaching. I’m like, okay, well, I tried to take as many notes as I could because I’m a notetaker. And then the next week I’m like, okay, I’m going to get on again. The next one was like, eat your like, okay, well, I quit.


Jay Conner [00:19:42]:

My thanks for sharing. So let’s come down here to Elena and Karen.


Elaina Stratton [00:19:46]:

Well, I kind of feel like how you feel chaffy. I have to follow that.


Crystal Baker [00:19:52]:

Oh, no, you can follow that. Tell your story.


Elaina Stratton [00:19:55]:

Well, our story kind of sounds like this is my wife Karen. There was a huge fight before we came here. Oh, sorry. There was a huge fight before we came here that we were not going to another program. We are not buying anything else. This is ridiculous. She tells me, okay, well, I’ll just bring someone else.


Elaina Stratton [00:20:20]:

So I’m coming now. Right? So by the end, probably even before the end of the I said, we got to buy this. We are in so this program has just been wonderful for me. In the beginning, I wouldn’t even make a call to a seller, so to have a complete turnaround I’m doing that now. Thank you, Crystal. She’s fantastic. I love her so much. I love them all.


Jay Conner [00:20:54]:

But you love Crystal.


Elaina Stratton [00:20:56]:

I do. But it’s all because of you, Jay.


Jay Conner [00:21:00]:

Oh, it’s too late. It’s too late.


Elaina Stratton [00:21:04]:

You dictate you delegate, and you disappear. That’s something his daddy says, but I’ll let you tell how our progress sense.


Karen Johnson [00:21:15]:

Okay, well, we started the program in February of this year, and we now have a total of 810,000 in private lending money.


Jay Conner [00:21:26]:



Karen Johnson[00:21:30]:



Karen Johnson[00:21:32]:

So. Thanks, Jay.


Karen Johnson [00:21:33]:

Thanks, Crystal. Because if it wasn’t for you guys thank you.


Karen Johnson[00:21:36]:

You wouldn’t be on the team because.


Karen Johnson[00:21:39]:

I love to buy programs. And I think I said she said, okay, this is the last one. And I said, okay. That’s it? This is the last one. So thank you.


Jay Conner [00:21:47]:

That’s awesome.

Give them another hand.


Jay Conner [00:21:51]:

And here we have Mark Goux And just so you know, Mark was already a successful real estate investor, done deals before enrolling into the program. So since enrolling, Mark, your experience?


Mark Goux [00:22:03]:

Yeah, well, before I enrolled, I already had flipped 40 houses. And the tough thing behind that was you always did not have that Private Money. You were finding it the hard way. So Jay’s way of getting 75% of the after-repair value on your rehab costs upfront has already made a big difference for me. I recently bought a property in one of my areas for $50,000 for a two-family, and ironically, that was the biggest money maker I ever made. I made $178,000 on one property.


Mark Goux [00:22:41]:

But it gets better. It gets better. That particular gentleman that I bought the house from, the property was in an area that I had another property in. And he then said to me, he’s like, I’m going to be moving from Connecticut, where we’re from, and he’s moving down to Florida. So he then said to me that his wife has got a self-directed IRA account for retiring from her job and about $400,000. So you already know I buddied up with him with that relationship, and he became a private lender for me. And I did three more, bought three rental properties because I do student housing. And this gentleman made over $40,000 last year just with Private Money that I’ve paid him.


Jay Conner [00:23:26]:

So how much Private Money have you raised so far?


Mark Goux [00:23:28]:

Well, since I’ve been in the program now for four months, I’ve gotten $800,000 pledged to me so far, and there are three more on the fence for another 200. So I’m going to follow up with them when I get back.


Jay Conner [00:23:41]:

So you’ve already got, in four months, $800,000.


Mark Goux [00:23:45]:

$800,000, yes. Private lending is the missing puzzle behind getting your deal flow going. It’s been huge. And I want to thank you. I want to thank Carol Joy. Crystal’s always fabulous on all the calls with the smile ever so beaming in the know. I’m very appreciative to have met your mom. And, you know, they are awesome. I could see where the charming personality and the tenacity were coming from. And I left Chaffee alone for quite a while. But as I told him the other day, he’s not free from dealing with me. Okay? And he gave me some great constructive criticism the other day because I often take on too much and I have too many things going on at once. And sometimes, as Crystal even said, you got to get that laser beam focus and zone in. So as Jaffe said to me the other day, and I’m very grateful for his friendship and mentorship, he’s like, Mark, with you, less is more. So I want to thank these guys. You are all phenomenal. And what more needs to be said?


Jay Conner [00:25:01]:

You got it, Mark.


Jay Conner [00:25:07]:

Next is Jim and Buffy. Jim and Buffy have been, or at least Jim for a long time has been real estate investors. I think he’s been trying to pull Buffy into the fold. But Jim came into the program recently and already had years of experience in real estate investing. So Jim, why did you come into the program after having all that experience? And what’s your experience been so far?


Jim Couch [00:25:30]:

Okay, so that’s a great question, Jay. I’ve been a real estate investor for as long as Jay has. I quit my job in 2003, went full-time into real estate, and got hit pretty hard in 2008 by the market crash. I still have some stuff that is still recovering from that. But what turned me on to Jay was I had a friend of mine who just recently passed away. I’m wearing the navy hat because I was in the Navy with him. And he’s the one actually that earlier this year said, you need Jay Conner. And I’m like, well, the name sounds familiar like I’ve heard it somewhere. But anyway, so he’s like, you need to get in touch with Jay Conner’s program. That’s what you need. So I had borrowed Private Money in the past, but once I came here actually, I came here in June. Once I came here, I saw the way Jay was doing it. I’m like, I think maybe I’m doing it wrong. So I was borrowing private funds, but I was paying high rates and some of it was hard money. Some of it wasn’t Private Money. And I was just getting enough to purchase because they say if you just get the deal under contract, you’ll get the money.


Jay Conner [00:26:48]:

Yeah, right.


Jim Couch [00:26:49]:

Well, in some cases well, I was getting the money, but it was in the 9th inning, two outs and like an hour left to close. Oh yeah, okay, you’re getting the money, but we’re only going to give you enough to barely purchase the property and maybe you might have to put 20% down on top of that. So I was not getting the rehab funding. I was not getting enough to purchase the property the way you should. I wasn’t covering holding costs and I was buying them right. $0.50 on the dollar. So I should have had no problem getting the money. And so as a result, I was holding properties and rehabbing in slow motion, like we’re talking two years. I finally got that one done. That’s not a way to make money. And so all my profits were getting eaten up by holding costs and interest. And those lenders were very happy with me. Two years of interest. But it just wasn’t working. And so right now, since getting into the program, I’ve been extremely busy. I’m kind of like a scatterbrain maybe sometimes. I’ve developed a laser focus and I know what I need to do. I’m making this public commitment right now. None of my old private lenders are getting another I don’t want to say getting another dime, but not borrowing from them anymore. I’m creating my private lending program and I’m going to raise a million dollars by February.


Jim Couch [00:28:25]:

And Buffy’s happy.


Buffy Couch [00:28:27]:

In full disclosure, I’m supposed to be on the beach, not here, because that’s what he said I could do. But he did get me to come in because Jay plays the piano pretty spunky and so does he. So we had this little bridge and he said, Just come in. So I did. And everyone was extremely warm and welcoming, so I thought I’d stay. And as I sat here in the other room, in the other building, I thought, all right, I’m going to just chill and watch everybody. So I did. And everyone has been so kind, so loving. They’re not judging me because I said, I don’t want to do this because I’ve been burnt so many times by other programs that we’ve done lots of money. And I wanted to make sure it was real. Real to me. Not just real because other people looked happy like they were slain in the spirit of the soul, but that wasn’t going to happen. But anyway, I have found that they’re very genuine. They want to see you succeed and they’re not afraid to course correct, but do it in such a kind way. So I’m thankful.


Jay Conner [00:29:44]:

Just give Buffy a hand.


Jim Couch [00:29:48]:

I just want to add that we have another course, and I won’t say what it is, but we’ve spent over $84,000 on that other course and we have virtually nothing to show for that. Nothing. I just want to say this program is worth every dime.


Jay Conner [00:30:03]:

Thank you. And then we have Kelly and Beki.


Beki Cassels [00:30:10]:

I’m Beki. And I want to just say that I was that spouse. That was the skeptic. There’s a lot of knowing there’s always that skeptic. And it seems like this. The skeptic is the one that was like, oh, yeah, we better do this.


Beki Cassels [00:30:25]:

This is good.


Beki Cassels [00:30:26]:

So I would highly recommend it. We are probably the most like all of you sitting out there as far as being new, new investors, new at raising Private Money, all of that. And I would just tell you, we also have done another program, which I wouldn’t say was completely not worth it, but it’s not a value like this. So if you’re at a point where you really want to get your business going and you need that help and you can put the time in, it’s worth it.


Jay Conner [00:30:58]:

Give Beki a hand for sharing 


Kelly Cassels [00:31:21]:

And you’ve heard from amazing people up here. The coaching is phenomenal. Attitude reflects leadership, and this is a phenomenal group, and it starts from the top. Not only do you get that great coaching, but when you make that decision, as far as Platinum goes, you get a family right here who know exactly how you feel. We’ve been there, exactly what you’re thinking, and there’s probably some fear of the unknown. You break through that very quickly because you have the support of everybody here. Also, I wanted to emphasize something that Crystal said earlier when she was talking about Platinum as the ones that have been there for a while, and the newer group starts, and then you’re kind of reminded of what you’ve heard and get kind of refreshed. Well, for Becky and I, we were in your seats for the first time four months ago. And so coming back and being at my first Mastermind, our first Mastermind, and now going through starting today everything makes so much more sense today than it ever has. And it’s because of all the classes and the training and four or five days a week spent together, and it’s just really great and feels comfortable, I guess. Lastly, and this is really an inside joke, and you’ll hear about it, I’m sure, someday, but for all the VIPs, when you go to the Dunes Club, the lady’s room is the first two doors, not just the first one.


Jay Conner [00:33:08]:

Oh, mercy. Well, I didn’t know that. Now I do.


Kelly Cassels [00:33:15]:

It’s the most awkward networking you’ve ever had.


Jay Conner [00:33:19]:

So Crystal actually began her relationship with Carol. Join me and Chaffee and the team coming to a live event as you are here and enrolling in the Platinum program and then subsequently a Mastermind as well. But Crystal, you can speak from firsthand experience, not only your own experience but just a ton of other Platinum members’ experience. So you are up here a lot with me and Chaffee talking about the Platinum program, but anything else that you want to. Say about it from your own experience and what you got out of it, like, just tell them how many houses you’ve bought so far.


Crystal Baker [00:34:03]:

So I’ve bought well over well, it would be around 175 now.


Jay Conner [00:34:08]:

175 houses.


Crystal Baker[00:34:15]:

So the platinum program for me, and I’d been investing for a long time, but, I mean, I had no prior training, and then the training that I did have just didn’t go particularly well. I’m saying that very nicely. And so I was struggling, and I needed to change my life. I didn’t really have a choice. Well, we all have a choice, but wasn’t a good one. Being in the platinum program was really getting the building blocks of putting together a successful real estate investing business and being able to go through the training, learn the deliverables, and do exactly what Jay said, and that was the trick. I mean, I’m not even going to lie. I’m not going to try to tell you. It’s more complicated than that. It’s do what he says. Like, if he says do it, just do it. If I say do it, just do it. Because it’s when you second guess and overthink it that you suddenly stop doing the things that you need to do. We come up with all the excuses. We’re all that way. We find somehow, some way, maybe I need to know more. I’m not educated enough, whatever it might be, If you just do what Jay says, it’s amazing. So I established a business and was able to walk away from a 26-year career. I mean, I didn’t make peanuts. I made good money as an occupational as an occupational therapist.


Jay Conner [00:35:21]:

And you were over how many clinics?


Crystal Baker [00:35:23]:

Well, at the time that I retired from my career, I had been over multiple clinics that were in outpatient and acute care, and I was also managing the home health division. So I was a busy lady. I made good money. I’d worked my way up through the ranks. That’s the dream career when you go and get that degree. And it was not a dream. It was a nightmare. I hated every day of it. I didn’t want to go anymore.


Crystal Baker [00:35:43]:

I didn’t even want to go.


Doreen Cleland [00:35:46]:

And I walked away from that. After nine months of getting co, coaching, doing what I was told to do, just doing the activities. I mean, that’s the beauty of the program, is it just tells you what to do. Okay, if you do this, you’re going to do that. You can work on getting Private Money. If you do this, you work on raising Private Money. If you do this, you can get deals. So for me, that was just so amazing about it. And every person has that opportunity, and every person that just does what they’re told, they’ve built these amazing lives, and I’m just really proud to be a part of it.


Jay Conner [00:36:15]:

And let me ask you all a question. So I’m going to give you an example. A living right here, a living example of what it means to have a servant’s heart. She’s raised over three and a half million dollars in Private Money. She’s bought over 175 houses. She bought 25 houses in just three months a year and a half ago. And then I asked her to start helping me coach and deliver the coaching and work with the mastermind groups. Let me ask you a question. Do you think she even has to be here at this event financially, my lands, the money she is making just as a real estate investor, do you think she had to sacrifice this week, all week, masterminding in this live event and leaving her two kids with her parents and sacrificing that week together with her children? And as important as her children are right, Crystal is here this week because of you. She has the same passion as Carol, Joy, myself Chaffee, and the other coaches of wanting to give back. She’s here. I can tell you she ain’t here for the money. I know how much I pay her. She is here in a big part to give back from that that she has gotten from all of us working together. And she is now able to fulfill her passion. And we talked about that higher calling and that higher purpose this morning. She’s here this week with you and every week with all the platinum because she is fulfilling her higher calling and her passion for serving you. Let’s give Crystal a big hand! Caro Joy, what did you just summarize in hearing what you see and hear, this platinum sharing?


Carol Joy[00:38:26]:

I am just overwhelmed. I’m like, wow, all that money they’ve raised in that can be put so much good purpose, not just for their lives, but other people they are able to help.



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