Episode 92: Private Money Playbook: Ignite Your Real Estate Investments Like Never Before

We are thrilled to bring you another exciting episode of the Raising Private Money Podcast with Jay Conner!

In this episode, Jay Conner dives deep into the world of private money and reveals strategies on how to raise and leverage private funds to maximize your real estate profits.

Jay Conner, an expert in his field, emphasizes the importance of going straight to the source when financing your real estate deals. No more dealing with hard money lenders or banks! Instead, Jay shows you how to establish connections with individuals who are eagerly waiting to invest in your ventures. These private lenders may use their investment capital or even their retirement funds to provide you with the financial backing you need.

To facilitate this process, Jay teaches his private lenders how to move their retirement funds to a self-directed IRA company called Quest. Experienced in working with Quest, Jay shares valuable insights and even recommends the company as an excellent option for accessing retirement funds to invest in your real estate ventures.

Jay also reveals a unique approach to securing funds without having to pitch your deals or go through lengthy application processes. He separates the conversation by first educating potential private lenders on the benefits of his private lending program, as outlined in his book, “Where to Get the Money Now.”

By demonstrating your knowledge of the property’s location, after repaired value, funding requirements, and closing date, you are assuming the sale and offering your private lenders an opportunity to put their money to work. It’s an approach that empowers you as the investor to set the terms and conditions of the borrowed funds.

This episode will help you shift your mindset and adopt a more proactive approach to financing your real estate deals. No more pleading or chasing after lenders – you become the one who calls the shots.

If you’re ready to learn how to raise and leverage private money to take your real estate investing to the next level, this episode is a must-listen.

Tune in and hear Jay Conner share his wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.

Remember, the money comes first!


0:38 – The World Of Private Money

01:39 – Individuals Loan Money From Investment Or Retirement Funds

03:16 – Get funded without pitching.

2:03https://www.QuestTrust.com – Best Self-Directed IRA Company

3:35 – We Never Pitch Deals

4:04 – Learn Jay’s Private Money Lending Program – https://www.JayConner.com/Book

8:25 – Private Money: A Whole Different Mindset

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Private Money Playbook: Ignite Your Real Estate Investments Like Never Before



Jay Conner [00:00:00]:

We’re not talking about doing any business with a hard money lender here. We’re talking about going straight to the source. If you’re a real estate investor and are wondering how to raise and leverage Private Money to make more profit on every deal, then you’re in the right place on raising Private Money. We’ll speak with new and seasoned investors to dissect their deals and extract the best tips and strategies to help you get the money. Because the money comes first. Now, here’s your host, Jay Conner. I want you all to understand this if you don’t already. This world of Private Money is a direct opposite direction from the way you typically borrow money from a bank.


Jay Conner [00:00:51]:

For example, there’s no application process when you borrow money from a hard money lender. And of course, when we’re talking Private Money, we’re not talking brokers. We’re talking about doing business with individuals, human beings. And a lot of hard money lenders out there will say, hey, I got Private Money for you to borrow. Well, they raised Private Money from individuals to invest in their hard money broker fund and then they are now loaning that out, right? So a hard money lender is like a middle person. We’re not talking about doing any business with a hard money lender here. We’re talking about going straight to the source. Straight to the source.


Jay Conner [00:01:39]:

Individuals just like you and me are loaning money out either from their investment capital or their retirement funds. That’s where the money is coming from. Right? Now, there are other creative ways that we teach as well. But for the sake of today, that’s primarily where they’re getting the money from either their investment capital or their retirement funds. Now, how are they using their retirement funds? Well, we teach these private lenders you will teach these private lenders how they can move their current retirement funds over to what’s called a self-directed IRA company. The company that we recommend for people to use their retirement funds to loan money to us on deals is Equit. Good night. I can’t even talk https://www.QuestTrust.com


Jay Conner [00:02:32]:

Ashley’s put that in the chat. www.QuestTrust.com . That’s two T’s back to back. They got the best service, hands down. I get my deals, and I get my real estate deals funded in three days and less when I have a private lender that’s using their retirement funds that they have moved over to Quest to fund my deal. So as I was saying, this is not an application process. You’re not applying for a loan. The old traditional way to borrow money is you go to the bank, you get Pleaser hands and knees, you put your hands underneath your chin and you go, Please fund my deal.


Jay Conner [00:03:16]:

Please fund my deal. Well, that’s not the case here. There’s no selling, begging, chasing, persuading trying to talk somebody else into approving your deal or approving your loan. You see, we don’t ask for money and we don’t ever pitch deals. I’ve never pitched a deal in my life, right? And people ask me all the time, well, Jay, how do you get your deal funded and you’re not like, pitching the deal? Well, we separate the conversation betweWe’verst teaching a new potential private lender in our warm market, people, we’ve got some kind of association with our private lending program. And you ask the question, well, Jay, how do I learn the private lending program? It’s in my book, right? All the details of the private lending program that we teach are in my book. So if you don’t have my book, where to get the money now you need to order my book. Well, where in the world how do you get the book? Well, you can pay $20 on Amazon or you can get it for free from my office.


Jay Conner [00:04:29]:

And I mean, a couple of books you have to cover for shipping and handling. But you get my book order. I mean, you can’t download this. It’s an actual real book, right? So you get the book at https://www.JayConner.com/Book  and we’ll ship it out to you. So again, this is not traditional money that you’re borrowing, right? There’s no application process. I mean, we make the rules in this world. We set the interest rate, we set the term, we set the frequency of payments, right? And so, again, it’s not asking for a mortgage, it’s offering a mortgage. So how do I get a deal funded without pitching the deal? Well, the new private lender or the existing private lender that’s doing business with me has already told me how much they have available.


Jay Conner [00:05:23]:

I know how much they have available at any time. And I simply call them up. And here’s the script. I say I got great news for you. I can now put your money to work. I already know how much they got. So I say, I can put your money to work for you. And I tell them four things.


Jay Conner [00:05:42]:

Do you want to write these down? So the four things that I tell them are one, where’s the property located? I don’t give them the physical address. They could care less when I’m having this conversation. So I tell them where the property is located. I tell them the after-repaired value. I don’t tell them the purchase price. They could care less. I’m giving them the after-repaired value because they already know I’m typically not going to borrow more than 75% of the after-repaired value.


Jay Conner [00:06:12]:

So I tell them what township is the property located in, the after-repaired value, and then the funding required or the amount that I’m going to borrow to fund that deal. And then the fourth thing I tell them is the closing date because that’s when they got to have their money wired to my real estate attorney. So, for example, let’s say I’m talking to one of my private lenders. Let’s say, one of my private lenders is Scott Patton. So I called up Scott and said Scott, I got great news for you. I can now put your money to work. I got an awesome house. You’re excited because you’ve been waiting for the phone call.


Jay Conner [00:06:50]:

That’s right. I say, Scott, I got a house in Newport after repaired, the value is $200,000. The funding that’s needed for the deal is $150,000. And of course, I know you have 150 because you told me last week. And the closing is going to be next Wednesday. So you’ll need to have your funds wired to my real estate attorney by next Tuesday. I’m going to email you my real estate attorney’s wiring instructions. My attorney is going to email you her wiring instructions for you to send over the funds.


Jay Conner [00:07:24]:

Now, that’s the end of the conversation. I’m not going to ask Scott if he wants to fund the deal. That’s the most stupid question I could ever ask him. Of course, he wants to fund the deal, particularly if I have told him about Quest if he’s using retirement funds. He’s moved his retirement funds over to Quest. They’re not earning any money while it’s sitting there in his account. So he is ecstatic that I have now called him. I’ve got an ethical responsibility to call Scott and put his money to work because he moved his money over at my recommendation and I told him about Quest.


Jay Conner [00:08:10]:

Right. So, again, there’s no application here. There’s no chasing. I’m not asking for money. I’m giving people an opportunity to get high rates of return safely and securely. So I want everybody to understand the mindset of all of you new PMA members. Again, this is a whole different mindset here, right? No asking, begging, or chasing, right? Put on your teacher hat, teaching people in your warm market, in your cell phone, your email list, your social media, who you go to church with, who you go to the Rotary Club with, who you go to. Business networking international. Exactly.


Jay Conner [00:08:55]:

Eric, you’re assuming the sale. You are assuming they want to fund the deal. And of course, they do, right? They are waiting to hear from you. So I want everybody to just make sure you have that mindset straight in your mind. I mean, it almost comes down to they got to convince you as to why you should be using their money instead of somebody else’s money that’s already offered you money ahead of them, right? Why should they be at the top of the list? So, anyway, very important for everybody to understand that mindset. 



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