Episode 90: From Small Town to Big Profits: How Kelly & Beki Cassels Raised $460,000 in Private Money

Welcome back to another episode of the Raising Private Money podcast! 

Today we have a special treat for all you real estate enthusiasts out there. Joining us are the dynamic duo, Kelly and Beki Cassels, along with the Private Money Authority himself, Jay Conner. Get ready to learn all about the exciting world of private money in the real estate business.

With combined experience in real estate, Kelly and Beki Cassels share their knowledge and insights on how they raised an impressive $460,000 in private money. 

They discuss the various strategies and techniques they employed to secure private funding for their real estate deals. 

If you have ever wondered how to find private lenders and how to structure mutually beneficial partnerships, this episode is a must-listen.

Jay Conner and our guests dive deep into the advantages of private money investing and its impact on their business. They explore how private money boosted their confidence, allowed them to make more offers, and ultimately led to lucrative deals. 

Moreover, you’ll learn about the personal relationships they built with their private lenders and how trust and integrity play a significant role in securing private money.

Whether you are just starting or already immersed in the world of real estate investing, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration. 

Discover proven methods for raising private money, and learn firsthand from successful investors who have mastered the art of leveraging private funds.

Are you tired of small returns or struggling to secure traditional financing? 

If so, we encourage you to listen to Kelly and Beki Cassels’ story, who learn how to offer high rates of returns safely and securely backed by real estate. They have proven themselves in the industry, having completed three successful real estate deals, earning around $150,000.

You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to expand your real estate investing knowledge and learn the secrets to raising private money.

Remember, success in real estate investing often hinges on having access to funds, and private money opens up a world of possibilities. Join us in uncovering the potential of private money investing!


01:51 – Housing shortage, demand, fix-up, profit opportunity

05:57 – Banker refuses to fund, leaving significant liability.

08:22 – Confidence and private money fuel real estate success.

11:04 – Improve retirement with better rates of return.

17:19 – Jay raised $900,000 with one call. Find deals in MLS or from owners.

20:26 – Help repair credit, and sell homes to families.

21:55 – Success in real estate: servant’s heart, private money, right deals, automation, systems.

25:05 – “Blessed with wife, business, land. Help others in real estate.”

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From Small Town to Big Profits: How Kelly & Beki Cassels Raised $460,000 in Private Money


Jay Conner [00:00:03]:

My guest today on Raising Private Money. Well, they’ve already raised $460,000 in private money for the real estate deals and this was done pretty quickly. In addition to that, in a short period, using this private money that they’ve raised for the real estate deals, they’ve already done three deals, grossing right around $150,000 on these three deals because they had the private money ready to go. They live in a small area and target market just like me and Carol Joy Their target market is only about 45,000 people. Well, this is a husband and wife dynamic duo that you are getting ready to meet. The husband of this couple, let his day job go not too long ago. So he’s full-time in real estate now. And his wife still has a day job as a bookkeeper. So I was asking them before we went here on the show, Tell me, what is it about private money that just knocked your socks off when you started using it? And they said, well, first of all, being a new real estate investor, they knew that the bank would be hesitant to even loan them money on their deals. Of course, in this world, there is no application fee. Secondly, they said if I went to buy or borrow money from the banks, they were going to want a down payment and they didn’t have much money saved up. In this world of private money, you don’t need any money saved up for down payments. And then thirdly, they were telling me that their confidence just soared out the ceiling with the money burning a hole in their pocket so that they started making so many more offers and getting more deals and offers accepted. So with that, I’m so excited to have you on the show here with me. You’re going to meet them in just a moment, my good friends Kelly and Beki Castles. You’re going to meet them right after this.


Narrator [00:02:06]:

If you’re a real estate investor and are wondering how to raise and leverage private money to make more profit on every deal, then you’re in the right place on Raising Private Money. We’ll speak with new and seasoned investors to dissect their deals and extract the best tips and strategies to help you get the money. Because the money comes first. Now, here’s your host, Jay Conner.


Jay Conner [00:02:34]:

Beki and Kelly. Welcome to raising private money.


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:02:39]:

Thank you, Jay. 


Jay Conner [00:02:41]:

So excited to have you all here. I tell you, you all are like the poster children, right, in this world of private money now, raising so much private money so quickly, doing deals. You are full-time now. Kelly, I know Beki is going to be right behind you here pretty shortly. You know what we say, be free in 23, right? So I want us to go ahead and dive in here because I know our listeners and audience want to hear your story. You’re in a small market, with only about 45,000 people. How can you do this business in such a small market?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:03:20]:

You are all well, people are still buying and selling houses. I think in any size town, people are moving in and out, and there are always houses that need to be bought by somebody and lived in.


Jay Conner [00:03:39]:

Yeah. I had a guest on the show here recently, and this particular person was told some time ago, years back by some guru education company, that they just couldn’t do this business unless they were at least a 200,000 population area. And like you all, my wife Carol Joy and I have been investing now full time in single-family houses here in eastern North Carolina with only a population of 40,000 that we are target marketing. We do two to three deals a month right now, averaging profits of $78,000. So for that to happen, you have to have the private money ready to go. You have to have your marketing in place. Of course, in today’s market, there’s no inventory in the multiple listing service. We’re not going to be buying anything out of there to speak of. So, of course, we got to have our marketing in place that’s consistent that we have owners of houses for sale by owners that are reaching out to too. I want you all to share your journey. So, you know, investing in real estate, what market are you all in?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:05:05]:

We’re in San Juan County in New Mexico, which is the very northwest corner of the state. So we’re close to Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.


Jay Conner [00:05:16]:

So I know you had done maybe a deal or so. What did your real estate investing business look like before you started to use private money?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:05:29]:

Well, we were trying to do no money-down deals subject to creative financing, and there’s a certain market for that. But as you said, that’s not as many a low percentage of deals that’s out there. So private money changed the world. Yes.


Jay Conner [00:05:53]:

In my situation, we had already invested in single-family houses for six years before I even heard about private money. So it’s from 2003 until 2009 we were investing, and I was relying on the local banks. That’s all I knew to do right back from my mobile home history. And then something happened. Something happened in January of 2009 to where it was a pivotal point in our business to where I knew I had to find a better and quicker way to fund my deals. Hence, I learned about private money and started using private money. So my question to you is, what was it in your real estate investing business? What is it that changed? What was the pivotal moment that you said, you know what, I need to start using private money? What happened?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:06:52]:

Do you want to answer that? Yeah, go ahead. Well, I would say that because we’re in a small market and even though there are deals, there are a lot of people that want all cash. And just having the funds to be able to make offers we knew that that’s what we had to have. We needed to have that avenue available to us to make offers for houses. And you made that very clear. It’s all about getting the money first. As soon as we got our first private lender, my confidence shot through the roof. It was eye-opening how easy it was going to be to make offers and make deals. And it took a little while because it was so competitive in the last year in this area. But we put some money to work and now like I say, we’ve got three deals.


Jay Conner [00:07:53]:

That’s awesome. And of course, just to be clear, when we’re talking private money here with Beki and Kelly, just like myself, private money, we’re talking about doing business with individuals, right? People are using their investment capital, they’re using their retirement funds to loan money on our deals. So when we’re talking about using private money to fund our real estate deals, we’re not talking about any kind of institutional money, we’re not talking about getting money from banks, we’re not talking about getting money from hard money lenders at all. So this is all about doing business with individuals. So, Kelly and Beki, I want to hear the story. How did you find your first private lender and tell us all about that?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:08:41]:

Well, we had a webinar with you, and after going through the webinar, within minutes that we were done with, we got our first phone call from people who were watching. And he’s been a longtime family friend and he believes in us. That’s a big deal. And he jumped on board.


Jay Conner [00:09:06]:

Wonderful. So I’m curious to know your statistics. I know what mine are. I’ll tell you mine. You can share with me yours. So Carol Joy and I have right now, we’ve got 47 private lenders, individuals that are funding our real estate deals. And not one of those 47 private lenders, first of all, had ever heard of private lending until I told them about it, and taught them what private lending was. Over half of them are using the retirement funds that they have transferred over to a self-directed IRA company where they can use their retirement funds, invest in our deals, loan money on our deals, and get returns either tax-deferred or tax-free. Not one of those had ever heard of self-directed IRAs. None of them had ever heard of private money. My question to you, Beki and Kelly, of your private lenders. So you’ve already raised $460,000 in private money. Of your private lenders. How many had ever heard of private money and what it was?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:10:16]:



Jay Conner [00:10:19]:

I think we have something in common here, right? So here’s what’s interesting, I get this question all the time. How in the world are people going to invest in you how are they going to learn about your private lending program? And they’ve never even heard of what private money is what private lending is and what self-directed IRAs are. And Kelly and Beki, we say it all the time. Right? Put on your teacher, your teacher hat, and be a private money teacher.


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:10:59]:

I got to get me one of those.


Jay Conner [00:11:05]:

If you’ve got private lenders, which you do, that have never loaned you money and never loaned anybody money, private money, right? Never heard of separated IRAs. So you start teaching them and having conversations, you become a private money teacher and teach them what it’s all about. We did a webinar together. We did that you had invited us to the webinar. But when you’re just out and about talking with people, how do you start up conversations with someone who might be interested in this? How do you get the word out? How do you let people know what you’re doing?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:11:44]:

Well, a lot of the time we’re talking to people, I belong to the BNI group, so I introduce that regularly there.


Jay Conner [00:11:55]:

Now tell everybody what is BNI. What does that stand for? And what is it?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:12:00]:

Business networking. And it’s local businesses that meet in a chapter once a week and we meet early in the morning. And a phenomenal group. I mean, there’s a range of people from banking to construction to plumbing and electrical and insurance, all kinds of people. And the givers gain is their motto. And you become salespeople for other businesses as you learn about them and about what they do. But we’ve got a company called A Fresh Start and we buy and sell houses. And the way we do that is private lenders fund our deals and they make an insane rate on their investment.


Jay Conner [00:12:51]:

So none of your private lenders had ever heard of private money. That’s how you start conversations. Have you ever asked anybody for money?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:13:06]:

Never, no.


Jay Conner [00:13:08]:

How does that work? How in the world do you get funding for your real estate deals and you don’t ever ask anybody for money? How in the world can you do that?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:13:18]:

Well, the program, really speaks for itself. The fact that their money is backed by real property with a note and a mortgage takes the risk out of it for most people. And we have a personal relationship with all of them as well. I mean, they know us, but the fact that it’s being invested into real property, it’s really attractive. Absolutely. And obviously, the rate of return is very attractive. Well, another thing is our private lenders, they understand they’re going to make great money on their return, but also they’re investing in the community because we are helping people. We’re providing solutions for people who are in high-risk situations or pre-foreclosure, maybe a divorce, who knows what the situation is. And so they understand that they’re investing in our community as well, helping people, getting through those situations.


Jay Conner [00:14:28]:

I want you all to go back to before you had private money, all right? You had done a deal. You had talked to a bunch of owners of houses that you tried to buy creatively, subject to the existing no-right terms. And I would imagine you heard quite a few people tell you, no, I want all the money. Right? I want all the money. That’s the real world. My statistics are of all the for sale by owners we talk to, only 13% will sell to us creatively without getting all the money upfront. 87% of them require all the money. So I want you to go back, I want you to think a moment about what it felt like when you were talking to these sellers over the phone for sale by owners, and you were talking to them about selling to you creatively. They wouldn’t do it. You remember what that felt like. And then you were able to break through and raise your own private money. Wow. What did it feel like when you got that breakthrough?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:15:36]:

It didn’t even feel like the same business. It was just a whole nother world. It was a lot more positive, a lot of hope for us as far as actually being able to buy and sell houses.


Jay Conner [00:15:54]:

Would you say it took the stress off of making offers?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:15:57]:

Absolutely. And our confidence went through the roof. And there was a moment there when we got our first private lender. I felt like I was walking about six inches above the ground. And it was just a great feeling knowing that this whole market opened up for us because of that.


Jay Conner [00:16:21]:

Yeah, well, there are lots of ways to control or buy a property or do this business. You can be a wholesaler. If you’re a wholesaler, you don’t need private money. I mean, you can get a house under contract. You can assign that contract to another real estate investor to take it down and get an assignment fee. I like 78,000 better than 7800. I’ve stayed in every deal that I’ve ever done for 20 years. So you can wholesale, you can control on a lease option, and then when it comes to actually buying, well, you can buy creatively with a small percentage of the sellers subject to the existing note, seller financing, et cetera. But as we just said, the majority of the sellers are going to want all the money. So if they want all the money, where can you get the money? Well, if they want all the money like I did the first six years, you can borrow money from the local bank or you can get a line of credit at the local bank. A commercial line of credit. If in today’s market. You have stellar credit if you have stellar credit if you have stellar financial statements and if you have experience buying and selling houses. Right. So you can go to the local bank. If you qualify for all those criteria, you can go to a hard money lender, right? You can go to a hard money lender, which is a broker of private money, and you can pay in today’s market, 14% three points on origination fees, extension fees have to bring a $20,000 I mean, excuse me, 20% down payment out of your pocket. So you can go to a hard money lender where they like, the banks are still making the rules, but then you can use private money like you are to fund your deals. So I’ve got about 15 reasons why I love private money. I’m not going to ask you to name 15 reasons why you love private money, but from your experience when it comes to doing deals, the logistics of doing deals, the interest rates, the loan to values, who’s in control, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, appraisals, credit scores, verification of income, et cetera, et cetera. What are your favorite reasons for using private money in this business?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:18:50]:

We can close quickly. The fact that we don’t have to do any of those things. Yeah.


Jay Conner [00:18:55]:

So you can close. Click. Well, talk about that. Kelly, how fast can you close and why is that important?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:19:03]:

Well, it’s important to the sellers because they’re in a bad situation that they really need to get out soon as here in New Mexico, As soon as the title search is done and we get it through there, we can close it up. Because you’ve got the money within a couple of weeks. Yeah.


Jay Conner [00:19:19]:

Do you get more offers accepted because you can close?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:19:23]:

Absolutely, yeah.


Jay Conner [00:19:27]:

So closing quickly can be important to a motivated seller or is important to a motivated seller. So you can close quickly. I mean, you go to the local bank, it’s probably 30 days, 45 days approximately, if you’re using traditional money, hard money lenders, a lot of them will close within three weeks to four weeks. Right. So they can do the quick thing. So quick closings, using private money, do you ever have to take a down payment?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:19:57]:



Jay Conner [00:20:00]:

That right there is sort of like an AHA moment, right? You can buy real estate with no down payment, so all private money deals have no down payment out of your pocket. Right. And of course, I get asked the question all the time. Kelly and Beki, how can you do a real estate deal with no skin in the game? Right? You got to have skin in the game, right? And what they’re talking about is you got to bring liquidity, you got to bring some cash to the closing table. Well, I can tell you from my own experience, that in this world of private money, the skin in the game is the equity in the property that is protecting the private lender. Because, of course, we don’t borrow unsecured money. We give the private lenders security, we give them a mortgage or a deed of trust, just like we were borrowing money from the bank and they’re named on the insurance policy et cetera. So they are the bank. Right. But back to more reasons why you love private money. So you don’t have to take any money to a closing table. Have you ever closed on a private money deal and brought money back home from the closing table?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:21:11]:

Yes. Rehab money? Yeah.


Jay Conner [00:21:14]:

How can you do that?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:21:16]:



Jay Conner [00:21:17]:

I want our audience to get their mind wrapped around this. You’re going to buy a piece of real estate, a single-family house, for example. You’re not going to take any of your own money to the closing table. Your credit score was not checked. Your verification of income was not checked. Did you have to get an appraisal?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:21:36]:



Jay Conner [00:21:37]:

So you didn’t have to get an appraisal done. You were using probably your realtor CMA, and you’re taking no money to the closing table and you’re picking up a big check from your attorney or closing agent title company when you bought the house. How in the world can you do that?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:21:59]:

It’s amazing. Just follow the formula for keeping the lenders protected with the percentage of value that you borrow for the house and it’ll happen.


Jay Conner [00:22:13]:

Yes. So the secret sauce in this, obviously, is we’re not going to be able to bring home a big check when we buy a house and not take any down payment unless you are buying those houses at discounted prices. You’re not paying retail.


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:22:33]:



Jay Conner [00:22:33]:

You’re buying them at discounted prices. They are motivated sellers, and you’re probably not going to pick up a big check. Well, let’s stop right there on the big check. You’ve done multiple deals. Just for example, give us one example. How big of a check did you bring home when you bought a property and didn’t take any money to the closing table?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:22:54]:

$50,000. Yeah.


Jay Conner [00:22:56]:

Let’s get this straight. You bought a house, with none of your own money, took none of your own money to the closing table, no down payment, and you picked up a $50,000 check when you bought.


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:23:09]:



Jay Conner [00:23:10]:

Who wants to get paid to buy houses? But of course, you’re not going to pick up a $50,000 check, as I said, unless you’re buying it at a discounted price. And secondly, you’re not going to pick up a $50,000 check when you buy unless you’re going to have a renovation involved, because you’re going to use that money for the renovation, right?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:23:32]:



Jay Conner [00:23:33]:

So what’s the street address of that property you’re telling me about? Don’t give me the township, but give me the street address.


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:23:41]:

1436 Blanco Boulevard.


Jay Conner [00:23:44]:

1436 what? Boulevard blanco.


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:23:47]:

Blanco boulevard.


Jay Conner [00:23:48]:

Blanco Boulevard. So on that particular property, you’re picking up a $50,000 check. Right. Do you remember what the repaired value was?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:24:00]:

It’s about $300,000.


Jay Conner [00:24:02]:

Right. And you bought it for how much?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:24:05]:



Jay Conner [00:24:06]:

Wow. A $300,000 after repaired value. You’re buying it for $140,000. And how much do you borrow?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:24:18]:

Well, 200 on this one.


Jay Conner [00:24:20]:

Okay, so 200. So you’re picking up a $60,000 check less a little bit for closing costs, correct?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:24:28]:



Jay Conner [00:24:29]:

So did you sleep better at night when you brought home a $60,000 check?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:24:34]:



Jay Conner [00:24:36]:

Hey, look, and there’s nothing wrong with getting paid multiple times on these private money deals that we do. You get a check when you buy, get another check when you sell, and you have some carrying costs there to help you along the way. So it just really does take the stress out of doing these types of so I asked you where you find these private lenders. You mentioned business networking, international. Kelly and that organization have been so valuable and important to me. And I would tell our listeners, if you have not heard of or are familiar with Business Networking International, just Google them. It’s a fantastic organization, whether you’re looking to raise private money or not, but you’re investing in real estate, a great way for people in the community to learn about you. All right, so always things are not always hunky dory. Sometimes things go sideways. Sometimes things don’t go as we planned. Always, this fellow called Murphy shows up in houses, and Murphy is the guy that shows up with the unexpected renovations, cost of repairs, et cetera. So I want you to share with our audience here what is a big mistake, what is a big lesson that you’ve learned not to do anymore, not to do again. In other words, if you knew today when you’re doing your next deal and negotiating on your next deal, if you knew back then on your first deal, what you now know today, what would you do differently? What mistake would you not make again?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:26:27]:

Well, I will tell you, we’ve been fortunate to not have any expensive mistakes yet, and let’s all knock on some wood. But I would say sometimes you would underestimate how much just that finished work takes. So don’t underestimate the finishing work and getting everything cleaned up, because sometimes that’s a little bit more than you had expected. For sure. Absolutely. And Murphy is a big deal. We know he’s going to show up sometimes. He brings some relatives with him. Planning out with our contractor is a big deal. We have a contractor that we walk through the property with before we purchase it just to have an extra set of eyes on it. And we’ve been close. I’ve been within $2,000 of my estimates with his estimates without even bringing that forward. But walking a property is a little different than when you start rehabbing it.


Jay Conner [00:27:33]:

Exactly. So there are all kinds of ways to raise private money to get the word out. What is your favorite method for raising private money? There is one conversation. There are webinars. There’s sharing what you do at BNI. There’s being at the Starbucks coffee shop on a cell phone and talking loud enough so the next-door neighbor can hear you talking about your deal and your private lenders. And now they’re coming over and leaving their business card because now they’re interested in what you’re talking about. There are people you go to church with. Like myself, I’m visiting with one of the fellows that I’ve known for a while after church about how I now need their help to spread the word that I’m letting investors in and paying high rates of return. The list just goes on and on and on and on. These private lender luncheons where we raise a lot of private money, these luncheons. If you could just choose one, what’s your favorite way to raise private money?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:28:40]:

Gosh, if we could just choose one, it’d probably be on one.


Jay Conner [00:28:43]:

Yeah. And why is that?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:28:45]:

Just because you’re having this personal conversation with someone where you can dive in about the business in addition to what the private money can do for them.


Jay Conner [00:28:58]:

Yeah, so let’s drill down on that for a moment. When you’re having a one-on-one conversation with someone about private money, sort of spell out for us what that conversation sounds like, meaning how important is it to even have your private lending program in place so that you can even tell them how this program works?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:29:27]:

And so we do. We have a PowerPoint that we share. And what’s great about a one-on-one is they’re going to ask questions along the way because they want the whole picture, right? And so you can go through that slide by slide and get all their answers, give them the answers that they need to feel safe and secure when they’re going to invest. And that’s what it is. You drill down on that point of they’re just like the bank. They’re going to be in the position of the bank and they’re going to be secured. Just like the bank is awesome.


Jay Conner [00:30:06]:

So you like the one? They can answer questions. Yeah, go ahead, Beki.


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:30:10]:

And even if you’re just having a quick conversation where you’re not using any kind of PowerPoint you have that in your mind and those questions come through and you can kind of go through it, you know what the order is that you’re telling people about how it works. And they’re curious. Curious and excited to listen to what we have to say because we’re new to it. So everybody wants to know what you’re doing. So when we talk about the real estate investing and then we say, well, this is the way we’re funding it, we talk about the private money, it just brings up a whole new conversation. Just curious. Yeah.


Jay Conner [00:30:52]:

What kind of interest rate are you paying right now to your private lenders?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:30:56]:

8% on the large money and 10% on smaller amounts for rehab.


Jay Conner [00:31:02]:

Okay, well, even in today’s market where CD rates are a little bit higher in the bank. 8% 10%. That’s a fantastic return. Well, for our audience, I can tell you, that I’ve been working with Beki and Kelly for some time now. I guess it’s been a little over a year, right? For a year we’ve been working together. And I tell you what, I don’t know anybody else that’s got any more integrity and I don’t know anybody else that’s any more fun to be around Beki and Kelly. And I tell you what, they are just fantastic people to do business with. So I tell you what, Beki and Kelly, we have thousands of people that are listening to this show right now, and there are probably some folks listening to this show that are sick and tired of the small returns that they can get on their money. They would love to invest. They would love to get high rates of returns safely and securely, all backed by real estate earning that kind of interest rate. So when someone wants to reach out to you, what’s the best way to locate and reach out to Beki and Kelly Cassels?


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:32:11]:

Probably the best way is on our website, which is www.afreshstart.info.  We do have a Contact Us button there that will go directly to our email. We also have Facebook, which is www.Facebook.com/CasselsBuyHouses, and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/afreshstartnm/


Jay Conner [00:32:33]:

Awesome. So I want to go back through these one more time. So first of all, that website, if we can pull that up there. So Kelly and Beki’s website is www.afreshstart.info, and just like it sounds www.afreshstart.info is their website. In addition to that, there are other ways to contact them. So on Facebook, you can find them at www.Facebook.com/CasselsBuyHouses, and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/afreshstartnm/ for New Mexico. 

Kelly and Beki, thank you so much for joining me here on Raising Private Money. What an inspiration you are with the journey that you’re enjoying and that you’re sharing with everyone else. Thank you so much for coming along. Final comments before we wrap it up.


Kelly & Beki Cassels [00:33:27]:

We thank you, Jay. Thanks for introducing us to the world of private money. Changed our life and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much, Jay.


Jay Conner [00:33:38]:

Thank you for joining me. God bless y’all. And there you have it. And thank you, my friend, for joining us here on Raising Private Money. I’m Jay Conner, the private money authority. And if you found this inspirational, if you found this episode valuable, you picked up some AHA moments. Be sure and click that bell if you’re watching YouTube. If you’re listening on iTunes or Spotify, be sure to follow so you don’t miss out on the next upcoming amazing episode of Raising Private Money. Here’s to taking your business to the next level. I’m wishing you all the best and we’ll. See you right here on the next episode of Raising Private Money.



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