Episode 88: Get The Private Money First! – Real Estate Investing Without Using Banks

In today’s episode of Raising Private Money with Jay Conner, we dive into an insightful conversation on securing private money for real estate investing.

Jay Conner kicks things off by applauding Beki and Kelly for their achievements. He mentions a remarkable figure of $80,000 profit on a recent deal of theirs, which sets the stage for an enlightening discussion.

Throughout the episode, Jay, Kelly & Beki dive deep into the intricacies of raising private money for investing. They highlight the benefits of private lending such as the attractive aspect of having a note and mortgage back on the property. They discuss how this investment strategy offers lenders a constant rate of return, ensuring predictability and security.

They share their experiences and describe the Private Money Lending program that provides investors with high rates of return safely and securely. This program aims to solve the lender’s problem by connecting with investors in a mutually beneficial way.

Success stories like Kelly and Beki’s, who felt confident in making offers after securing private funding, highlight the advantages of having money lined up before making an offer on a house.

It not only creates a smoother house-purchasing experience but also instills confidence when making offers.


0:01 – Get The Private Money First

3:53 – Kelly & Beki Cassels: Finding Private Lenders Through Personal Conversations

4:50 – The Effective Private Money Lending Program

5:57 – How To Find Private Money Investors

7:04 – Webinars With Platinum Plus Members Bring Funding

8:08 – $80,000 Profit From Using Private Money

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Get The Private Money First! – Real Estate Investing Without Using Banks



Jay Conner [00:00:00]:

My guess is the majority of everybody here has heard this, particularly if you’ve been to another real estate investing seminar, and that is you’ve heard some educator out there say, oh, just get the deal under contract. Just get the house under contract. The money will show up. And I want to throw up when I hear somebody says the money’s going to show up if you just get the deal in the contract.


Jay Conner [00:01:17]:

I see Carl doing this. Carl, have you heard anybody else say that? 



Oh, it happened to me, my friend and the money did not show up. 

Jay Conner:

Is the money going to rain out of a cloud? Don’t go anywhere. Kelly. Becky, I’m coming back to you. Carl, I was a guest on a podcast sometime recently, and the host, Claire, says, thank you. Been there, done that. I just want to throw up.


Jay Conner [00:01:55]:

Anyway, I was a guest on a podcast. Yeah, it comes by Osmosis, right? There you go. Went for it. I was a guest on a podcast, and the podcast host and I were having this conversation, and I said to the host, I said, let me ask you a question. Why in the world would an educator lie? Why would an educator just flat-out lie to you and say, oh, just get the deal under contract? The money’s going to show up. And the podcast host says, Jay, I can tell you why they tell you that because they’re selling you a course on how to get a house under contract. Okay, well, I guess that makes sense.


Jay Conner [00:02:39]:

Anyway, for goodness sake, that’s why I teach, practice and preach, and you all can fill in the blank. The money comes first, right? The money comes first. And what I mean by that is you focus on getting the money lined up first. You just said it. Kelly, you and Becky were like walking on air when you got that first private lender that’s ready to go, ready to fund a deal, and it’s like you’re walking on air because you know where the money is coming from, right? Yes. You know where the money is coming from. And it’s like, were you a little bit more confident in making an offer after you knew where the money was coming from? Huge. It’s a lot easier to look and shop for a house when you know you have money to pay for it.


Jay Conner [00:03:44]:

I’m just not interested in putting a property under contract to buy and I have no idea, I have no idea where the money is going to come from. So, Kelly and Becky, tell your story. Where did you find that first private lender? How did you find them? How did you tell them about the opportunity and then tell us about the first deal that they funded? 


Kelly & Beki Cassels:

So our first private lenders mostly came from one on ones, just talking to people, telling them about the program, telling them what the opportunities are. And the program sells itself because you’re right, people are looking for a place to put their money where it’s secure. They don’t have to worry about what their return is on anything, where it’s going up and down. And our first private lenders came from just one on ones. 


Jay Conner:

So tell everybody a little bit more detail. What do you mean when you say they like the program? What do you mean by the program? 


Kelly & Beki Cassels  [00:05:03]:

Yours and ours? The private lending program, where they are investing in real property, it’s secured by a house.

They have a note and a mortgage back to them for the property. That’s attractive. And that constant rate of return that is offered on their money, where they know exactly how much they’re going to get, however often they choose to get it, they know that that is going to be their return for that investment.


Jay Conner:

Yeah. So when we say return, I mean program, what you’re saying is it’s what we’re offering to the lender to give them high rates of return safely and securely? 


Kelly & Beki Cassels:

Yes, exactly. And the way that you put it together, Jay, is that you’re solving their problem with your private lender program. I mean, that’s it. And that’s how our interactions with others have been. They’re excited about the program and after we’ve explained it to them. 


Jay Conner: 

And so you said a moment ago, Becky, that your first private lender program came from one on ones. Tell everybody what that means. What’s a one-on-one? 


Kelly & Beki Cassels:

Just talking to your friends, family, people that, you know, introducing yourself. People ask what you do, and you can tell them that you teach investors how to make high rates of return safely and securely on their investment capital. And it’s from our warm market. And when we recorded our CD with you, we had a phone call within two minutes after we got off that, and they jumped right on in. And Becky’s been working for the same company for 36 years, and so those people that work with her are very interested in doing business with her because they’ve known her for so long now. 


Jay Conner:

Was that the webinar that we recorded together? 


Kelly & Beki Cassels:



Jay Conner [00:07:04]:

Awesome. Yeah, that’s very powerful. Those webinars that we do together with Platinum Plus members do bring in the money for the funding. Were you related? Are you related to that first private lender or is it a friend? Was it a coworker? What’s the relationship? How did you all know each other? 


Kelly & Beki Cassels:

A friend. A friend. But since then, we’ve got quite a few private lenders now, and some of them are coworkers, some of them are family friends, and the word is kind of getting out. And we have another private luncheon that we’re going to do here in August. 


Jay Conner [00:07:50]:

Awesome. How much money did that first private lender, that friend, pledge to loan to you? 


Kelly & Beki Cassels:



Jay Conner:

$75,000, as the auctioneer said. Well, that’s 75,000 more than I had when he got that bid. Right. So that deal that he funded, how much are you profiting or did you profit on that first deal? Approximately.


Kelly & Beki Cassels:

That one is going to be a profit. We haven’t closed the sale on that one yet. That profit is going to be about 80,000.


Jay Conner [00:08:26]:

Nice. Everybody give Becky and Kelly the sophisticated PMA golf clap right there. 80 grand!



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