Episode 55: Profitable Systems & Private Money With Staci Gray

Meet Staci Gray, a seasoned business organizer with over two decades of experience scaling real-world businesses. She is passionate about collapsing the gap between ideas and profits by consistently executing for progress and results.

Through strategic planning and success coaching accountability, Staci helps syndicators who raise private money to efficiently and effectively solve problems, impact people on a human level, and generate profits quickly without being bogged down by operational chaos.

Tune in to this episode of Raising Private Money as Staci shares her expertise on scaling businesses, navigating operational challenges, and achieving success with purpose.

Key Takeaways:

  • Syndication businesses and private money
  • Problems in syndication businesses that Staci’s team solves
  • Successful people and their trait of constantly learning and adapting
  • The biggest mistake that business owners can make
  • The synergy between visionary and integrator
  • Finding your perfect integrator
  • Staci’s ideal client

Connect with Staci:

Website: https://www.OrganizeToScale.com
Email: scale@organizetoscale.com

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0:01 – Raising Private Money with Jay Conner

0:02 – Today’s Guest: Staci Gray

1:48 – Syndication Business & Private Money

6:53 – Successful People Are Continuously Learning

9:41 – Biggest Mistake Business Owners Make

12:26 – Do You Feel Like Your Business Is Running You?

16:45 – The Visionary and The Integrator

20:40 – Are You Fit For https://www.OrganizeToScale.com

22:17 – How To Find Your “Perfect” Integrator

24:42 – Connect With Staci Gray: scale@organizetoscale.com

26:39 – Jay’s Free Money Guide: https://www.JayConner.com/MoneyGuide