Episode 43: Using IRA’s For Raising Private Money

On the Raising Private Money podcast, we’ve discussed working with self-directed IRAs as a great way to find private lenders. Not only will we dive into this strategy, our guest today is here to represent the company I most recommend.

Nathan Long is the President of Quest Trust, a company that lends its services who want to invest in real estate, oil, and other alternative ventures. Besides his entrepreneurship pedigree, Nathan also has extensive experience as a real estate investor—another reason why his presence on our show is sure to bring us a ton of value!

Jump into the episode as we dive into self-directed IRAs, private lending, investing, and more!

Key Takeaways:

  • The benefits of self-directed IRAs
  • Why you should do your due diligence on an investment before a self-directed IRA
  • You can partner different accounts into a single one
  • Real estate investments are the ones that Quest does the most
  • Non-recourse debt and IRAs
  • There are so many benefits in real estate investing with Roth IRA
  • Don’t do subject-to-deals without proper training
  • When you do certain types of investments in an IRA, they can become taxable
  • Why do most people run a business inside an IRA
  • The solution to the possibility of paying tax when using an IRA
  • IRAs can be powerful tools, which is why you need to be cautious and properly educated before using them.

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Connect with Quest Trust:

Email: juan.deshon@questtrust.com


0:01 – Raising Private Money with Jay Conner

1:00 – Quest Can Fund Your Deals As Early As 48 Hrs

2:41 – Today’s Guest: Nathan Long

5:29 – What Is A Self-Directed IRA?

6:35 – Different Types Of Self-Directed IRA

7:36 – People Restrictions On IRA

8:34 – The Most Profitable Investment You Can Have With SDIRA

12:35 – Why Buy Subject-To In An IRA?

15:32 – Don’t Do Subject_to Deals Without Proper Training

18:50 – Unrelated Debt Finance Income

20:59 – IRAs Can’t Use Depreciation

24:57 – Invest In A Taxable Entity

25:50 – The Solo 401K

27:44 – For Questions, connect through these emails: JConnerVIP@Quest.com and Juan.Deshon@questtrust.com