Episode 39: Real Estate Success Stories with Jay Conner

Welcome back to Raising Private Money! I’d like to take the time to focus on a few real estate success stories to explore some of the ways we can navigate transactions to get better deals.

Jump in with me and some of my students as we discuss and celebrate a couple of our recent real estate transactions, and gain some insight into how you can create favorable outcomes for your investing business.

Key Takeaways:

  • You have no idea what a seller will take until you take the offer.
  • Making better offers, like having no contingencies and fast closing, can help you get a better deal.
  • Justifying your offer based on the risk you’re taking on the home.
  • Just because a seller said no yesterday doesn’t mean they won’t say yes today.

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0:01 – Raising Private Money with Jay Conner

0:42 – Important Lessons

1:40 – Jay’s Latest Real Estate Deal

3:30 – How To Justify Your Offer

6:20 – Eric & Erica’s Latest Real Estate Deal

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