Episode 152: Jay Conner Explores Cutting-Edge Real Estate Marketing with Josh Culler

In today’s rapidly digitalizing world, the power of content marketing combined with direct response methods is redefining how real estate investors can attract more leads and thrive. This blog post explores the key insights from the insightful conversation on the Scott Paton Podcast episode featuring Jay Conner and Josh Culler.

**Understanding the Marketing Mix**

Jay Conner starts by emphasizing the necessity for real estate investors to grasp their numbers, particularly cost per lead and conversion. Investors must measure the ROI of marketing campaigns such as direct mail, outbound calling, and Facebook ads. However, Josh Culler introduces a pivotal strategy – content marketing, which contrary to direct response marketing, isn’t about hunting for leads but fishing for them with valuable content that attracts motivated leads proactively seeking a solution.

**Content Marketing: A Magnet for Motivated Leads**

Content marketing serves as a beacon for highly motivated leads. When a potential seller is motivated, typically in the wee hours, frustrated, or seeking answers, they turn to Google. If your content resonates with their query, it enhances your credibility and chances of conversion. As Josh articulates, the smart mix of content marketing and advertising amplifies success in real estate marketing.

**Video Marketing: The Art of Simplicity and Relevance**

Josh’s approach to video marketing is refreshingly simplistic. Focus on the message rather than the production, using tools readily at your disposal, like your smartphone. By answering common questions from your target demographic and nurturing relationships with valuable content, you can position yourself as a go-to resource. Moreover, repurposing video content for SEO amplifies the reach and effectiveness of your digital marketing footprint.

**Delegating to Professionals: Scaling Your Marketing Efforts**

Delegation is a recurrent theme. Josh underscores the importance of entrusting marketing tasks to professionals who specialize in making your life simpler. With services like video content editing, strategy sessions, and marketing plans, experts can handle the heavy lifting, ensuring investors focus on what they do best—investing in real estate.

**Discovering Your Marketing Superpower**

The conversation culminates with a personal touch, where Josh reveals his superpower — understanding human behavior and problem-solving. This philosophical admission speaks volumes about the values driving his strategies: a relentless pursuit of ‘why’ and a focus on forming genuine connections.

As affirmed by Jay towards the episode’s close, integrating both direct response and content marketing is paramount. It is not about replacing one with the other but using both synchronously to be found by your ideal client. The synergy between the two creates a comprehensive marketing system poised to attract, educate, and convert leads into loyal clients.

Dive deeper into content marketing and give your real estate business a competitive edge. Visit Josh Culler’s website at www.cullermedia.com  for more insights and assistance in marketing your real estate venture.

“ When Motivated Sellers Are Looking For Deals You Better Be Ready To Capture That Lead, That’s Where Content Marketing Serves You Well.” – Josh Culler


10 Lessons Learned From This Episode:

  • ‘Cost Metrics’: 
      • Knowing your cost per lead and conversion is crucial for effective social media marketing in real estate.
  • ‘Hunting vs. Fishing’: 
      • Direct response is like hunting for leads; content marketing is more like setting bait for hungry, motivated leads.
  • ‘Motivation Matters’:
      • Content marketing should target motivated leads, providing solutions they seek in real-time, increasing engagement.
  • ‘Smart Outreach’: 
      • Utilize video content for outreach. Worry less about editing, and focus on delivering value to potential real estate sellers.
  • ‘Solutions Provider’:
      • Offer practical marketing solutions, such as video content strategy and production. Delegation to professionals is key.
  • ‘Accessible Answers’: 
      • Create content that answers common seller questions, helping potential clients easily find solutions on your site.
  • ‘Keyword Strategies’:
    • Use keyword searches to generate relevant video topics, ensuring content aligns with what sellers are actively searching for.
  • ‘Content Repurposing’:
      • Maximize video content by repurposing it into written SEO material for broader reach and engagement.
  • ‘Superpower Insights’:
      • Understanding human behavior and problem-solving is crucial for marketing success and building strong relationships.
  • ‘Question Everything’:
      • An effective marketing approach involves constantly asking ‘why’ to understand motivations and solve problems efficiently.


Fun Facts:

  • Josh Culler shares a personal anecdote about trying oysters for the first time, attributing it to Jay Conner’s ability to influence people to try new things. 
  • Josh’s superpower is understanding human behavior and problem-solving without getting too emotional, and he always asks ‘why’ to deepen his understanding. 
  • Josh Culler started his career in real estate at a very young age, thanks to Gary Harper’s guidance, and has been involved in the industry since 2013.




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2:32 – Josh Culler, Culler Media

8:20 – When it comes to the content market, how can you quantify and measure results?

15:04 – Direct Response Marketing & Content Marketing

19:08 – Different strategies of content marketing

24:29 – Making real estate investor’s lives easy through social media marketing.  

27:37 – Connect with Josh Culler: https://www.CullerMedia.com 

28:40 – Josh Culler, what is your superpower? 


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Jay Conner Explores Cutting-Edge Real Estate Marketing with Josh Culler


Jay Conner [00:00:01]:

If you’re a real estate investor, or maybe you’ve thought about being a real estate investor, maybe you are a wholesaler of real estate deals and contracts, and you’re like really wanted to stay in the deal but couldn’t because you didn’t have the money? Well, don’t go anywhere because I’m getting ready to plug you into the money right now. Well, hello, and welcome to another episode of the Private Money Podcast Real Estate Investing with Jay Conner. I’m excited that you are here because we’re about to have another amazing episode and show today. If you have been following the show for any length of time, you know that we have amazing guests and experts come on the show, and today is no exception to that. Today I’ve got a very, very special guest and dear friend who’s gonna talk with us about how to leverage your social media as it relates to real estate investing. But before I introduce my friend and expert, I’ve got a gift for you for just being here and listening to the show. And that is, I just released my brand-new book. I’m Jay Conner, known as the Private Money Authority.


Jay Conner [00:01:23]:

I just released my brand new book called Where to Get the Money Now? How and Where to Get Money for Your Real Estate Deals Without Relying on Traditional or Hard Money Lenders. And this book is free for you just for the asking. Just simply cover delivery and shipping, and we’ll rush it right out to you. What this book will do for you is show you how to never miss out on a deal or stay in a real estate deal without relying on banks or any kind of traditional funding. It’ll show you the step, step-by-step methods that I have been using since 2009 to get funding for my deals. And I’ve never missed out. In this world of private money, you set the rules. You set the interest rate.


Jay Conner [00:02:06]:

It’s a phenomenal way to have funding, and you’ll never miss out. So simply to get your free book, go over to www.jayconner.com/bookb0ok. That’s www.jayconner.com/bookb0ok and we’ll rush that book right out to you. Well, my guest today is a very, very dear friend. And in addition to that, he’s been in real estate and the real estate investing industry back since 2013. And quite frankly, he’s been a part of 100 deals as a marketing director. That’s right. Working with real estate investors on how to get more deals coming into their lap.


Jay Conner [00:03:01]:

Right? Well, he’s the owner of a company called Color Media and also Rei. Video. Now my guest focuses his services on active and helping active real estate investors and real estate influencers that are providing content marketing. So primarily video content and podcasting are what my guests focus on. Now his company, rei. Videoservices are those who film their video content but need some editing done. His company also services those who need a more white-glove approach, including content production, copywriting, and distribution. Now, my guest has got 2 podcasts, not 1, but 2 podcasts that will educate you on content marketing and real estate marketing.


Jay Conner [00:03:57]:

So the Content Marketing Playbook and the REI Marketing Weekly, are the podcasts. The Content Marketing Playbook and the REI Marketing Weekly can both be found on any podcast platform. With that, I want to welcome to the show my dear friend and marketing guru, Josh Keller. Hello, Josh. Welcome to the show.


Josh Culler [00:04:22]:

Jay, the energy is incredible. I always love talking with you. Just, like, I feel so much happier when I’m here with you. So


Jay Conner [00:04:30]:

Man, that’s my job. It’s good to be on. The joy, man. Bring the joy. Right?


Josh Culler [00:04:35]:

That’s right. That’s right. Absolutely. You do a stellar job of it.


Jay Conner [00:04:39]:

That’s awesome, Josh. Well, look, Josh, why don’t you take a moment and tell our audience how it is that you got into real estate, what’s your background story, and how are you qualified to do what you do.


Josh Culler [00:04:53]:

So, yeah, long story short, you know, you gave an incredible introduction for me there, and I appreciate that. So like you said, I’ve been in real estate for, you know, I’m going on, you know, close to close to 8, 9 years now, since 2000 early 2013. The funny thing, Jay, is that, like, when I got started in this industry,  you know Gary Harper. He’s the one who brought me in and started training me. And I was I’m only 27 right now, so do the math. Like, I was young when I got into this. And that’s an incredible blessing, but I’ve always had a mind for marketing and being creative and doing video work and graphic design, stuff like that. And so Gary just kinda pushed me into that role and said, hey.


Josh Culler [00:05:34]:

I want you to do this marketing role. It’s it’s a position that needs to be filled and I’m willing to help you and train you, give you any resources that you need for it. And so I got pushed into that role and started learning everything. 0 acquisitions marketing. Absolutely none. All the marketing we were doing was dispo marketing, dispositions marketing, which meant, you know, selling the houses. So we were a wholesaling company. And I remember time and time again, we had a list of spreadsheet of deals that we had on our contract.


Josh Culler [00:06:03]:

And it was more times than not, no less than 30, 40 deals that we had on that spreadsheet, and we’re just trying to dispo. So all the marketing we’re doing was building cash buyers lists and getting in touch with, landlords, people that were, you know, working for people that had assets that they were looking to acquire even more, because the areas that we’re in in the Midwest, it’s all great turnkey rental markets and that kind of thing. So that is kinda how it got started. And so we started mastering that, got good at dispositions marketing, you know, on the acquisition side. You can snap your fingers, and get a deal from HUD. Jay, do you remember those days? Those wonderful, wonderful days, being able to just pick up a deal at any given time that you wanted to. And then right around 2,000 16-ish, late 2016 going to 2017, it kinda flipped over. And I remember almost overnight, the acquisitions department, you know, we still call them the acquisitions department.


Josh Culler [00:06:56]:

They were the people that placed bids on HUD. The manager came up to our office and said, there are no more deals on HUD. What do we do? And me and Gary looked at each other like, I guess we gotta start marketing to get motivated sellers. So we started digging into that and figuring out what that process looked like. And, so we we started getting good at that. 2017, we did about 300, wholesale deals in that, and that’s kinda like how I got my grounds in that era. So, kind of fast forwarding it now, what I focus on, I pulled out of the actual active real estate investing game at that point and focused on what we’re good at, which is content marketing. And so, you know, you believe in content marketing.


Josh Culler [00:07:37]:

You have a podcast here. You do videos. You do audio and all that kind of stuff, social media. And that’s what we focus on. So, obviously, like, our core niche is with, real estate influencers, people that are educators. They have programs to teach people how to do real estate. But we do also work heavily with active investors. And so a lot of that has focused around social media with video content, and I’m not gonna have to preach here hopefully, Jay, about how important video content is.


Josh Culler [00:08:02]:

But that goes to your website, social media, Google My Business, and all that stuff. And so that’s where I’ve gotten the grounds for it at this point and that’s what we focus on. But I think that answers your question, Jay. If not, then feel free to steer me in the right direction.


Jay Conner [00:08:16]:

No. That’s a that’s a that’s a great background and overview. So let’s go ahead and answer this question. You know, most real estate investors do quantifiable marketing. Right? So, you know, I spend and invest X number of dollars on a direct mail campaign and I get so much percentage response. I know what my conversion is. So I know I spent x number of dollars to acquire a customer on that direct mail campaign. I’m doing, you know, outbound calling.


Jay Conner [00:08:56]:

I’m texting. I’m doing Facebook ads that are paid ads. So all these things that I pay money out, Well, let me just say, first of all, Mr. And Ms. Real Estate Investor that’s listening here to the podcast, if you’re not measuring what your cost per lead and your cost per conversion are, then we need to have another conversation about that. Right? So most know what am I getting for what I’m investing. So before we’re going to start drilling down on the different ways that you can use social media to bring more money to the bottom line as a real estate investor. When it comes to content marketing, how can we quantify and measure its results?


Josh Culler [00:09:43]:

Quant that’s an incredibly good question. Quantifying content, it’s all dependent on the way you look at marketing. There’s there’s hundreds of silos inside of marketing. Right? You mentioned 4 or 5 of them. There’s direct mail, text blasting, cold calling, and voice mails. And there are just so many different ways and methods to market. Then, yes, you absolutely should be tracking every single one of those marketing channels. When it comes to content marketing, it’s a different ballgame.


Josh Culler [00:10:12]:

This is where understanding differences is key. One of my good buddies, Trevor Moc, is the CEO of Karat. If you guys are familiar with investor Karat, I’ve never met a single investor that doesn’t know of Carrot that either doesn’t have a Carrot site, has had one, or knows of them. So hopefully they do.


Jay Conner [00:10:28]:

I have 3 of them right now


Josh Culler [00:10:30]:

that I’ve been for


Jay Conner [00:10:32]:

15 years.


Josh Culler [00:10:34]:

Yeah. So it’s yeah. Exactly. They’re they’re good websites to have as a real investor. And I got some tips on those if we wanna dive into it. But, I was actually on his podcast, the CarrotCast, and we were talking about this topic of content marketing. And the way he analogizes it is good. So it’s hunting versus fishing.


Josh Culler [00:10:53]:

So when you’re putting out direct mail, direct mail is kind of like a little bit of a borderline one, but especially text blasting, cold calling. Think of it this way. You are hunting for these leads because how many times have you been hung up on or gotten a text, you know, response or absolutely no response, but I’ve gotten a response saying, take me off your effing list and stuff like that. Like, that’s all because you’re hitting people that you’re just crossing your fingers and hoping that they’re motivated. Right? You’re hoping that you’re blanketing enough to get a lead, somebody who wants to sell a house and motivated to sell a house. Now I’m not saying don’t do that. You need to do that. That works well for a lot of people.


Josh Culler [00:11:32]:

We’re talking about the differences between that and what content is, though. Content, on the other hand, is fishy. You can, for instance, put a piece of content out, put a video on your website, put a video on Facebook about why you should sell your house to a wholesaler or a real estate investor or what is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate investor and you put a video out of that. What you’re doing is putting a hook in the water to catch a fish. And the more hooks you put in, you don’t have to go tend to those. Unlike hunting, you have to be, you know, walking around and looking for the deal. Whereas with this, you’re putting these hooks and these lines in the water. And then if one bites, well, you can run over to it and reel it in.


Josh Culler [00:12:16]:

And that’s the difference there. And then you have this stream. So you have these hooks in the stream and fish leads motivated leads are going by and catching on to your hooks. Right? And so then you can bring those in. And that’s the difference. The ultimate goal for this is those fish that are hooking onto it, they’re hungry. They are hungry, which means they’re what? Motivated. And so with content marketing, it’s you have to think of the motivation.


Josh Culler [00:12:41]:

People are sitting at home in bed, maybe a loved one just passed away. They inherited the property, and they’re sitting at home at 2 a.m. It’s keeping them up, and they’re like, I just got this the this I just got this house, and I inherited it. What in the world am I gonna do with this thing? And it’s not like now you’re sending a text blast, and that person gets that text that text, you know, that text campaign. And then the next morning, they check in they’re in their mailbox, and then there’s a yellow card from you that says, hey. Sell your house to me. No. Now they’re gonna go to Google, and they’re gonna type in what to do with my inherited house.


Josh Culler [00:13:17]:

And if you don’t have content out there that’s timeless and relevant to their search, they are not going to find you in their motivated stage. Now here’s the important thing, is that when they do go looking, they are highly motivated. You better be ready to capture that lead and get back in contact with them immediately as soon as possible. Especially during the day, if they go to your website and then they call a number off your website, you better be answering that live or they’re just gonna move to the next person. Because the unfortunate thing about what we do as, you know, real estate investors, whether you’re a wholesaler, you’re acquiring deals, you’re doing your motivated seller marketing, is that it’s kind of a commodity. Like, we’re we’re wholesalers are a dime a dozen, guys. Like, people know that they can just move on to the next person. And a lot of times sellers are smart now.


Josh Culler [00:14:05]:

They’re just gonna look for the person that’s given the give them the highest offer, and that’s what they’re gonna move forward with. And so you taking that live call is gonna be so crucial to the efforts that you’re doing with your content. And so all that to say is there’s a difference. Advertising, I would throw into the category of, you know, that would be text blasting and cold calling. It’s you doing interruption marketing to disrupt the pattern of somebody, you know, scrolling through Facebook. Oh, an ad or on their phone. Oh, I just got a text blast from such and such a wholesaler. As opposed to them having the motivation to go to the web and search for a prop and a solution to their problem.


Josh Culler [00:14:44]:

So those are the key differences. So all that said, Jay, it’s not one or the other. It’s both. You have to do both of these strategies, and that’s when you’re ultimately gonna come on top. So complementing having content marketing along with straight-up advertising, that’s gonna be the perfect success formula if you’re gonna do motivated seller marketing. So hopefully I explained that well.


Jay Conner [00:15:04]:

So tell me if I summarized correctly what we just said or what you just said. Direct response marketing, I. E. Direct mail, outbound calling, Facebook ads. That is, direct marketing hoping that someone’s gonna see my message that just happens to come across it. In addition to that, as you say, not in contrast, but we need both kinds, Am I, have I got this correct? And that is why content marketing is easy to find when somebody is looking for us.


Josh Culler [00:15:47]:

Absolutely. Yeah. That’s that’s true. So I’ll give you an example. Outside of the real estate world is, you know, we were, we’ve been you know, you guys have seen these Pelotons everywhere. They’re very, very popular now, those stationary bikes that are they have incredible technology inside of them. And we’ve been thinking about getting them for a long time. Now if Peloton decided 6 months ago to hit us with ads and maybe even send us cold calls or, emails that they’re marketing to us or whatnot, We weren’t motivated at that point because we were going to the gym.


Josh Culler [00:16:25]:

I have a personal trainer and so I don’t need it. Right? I’m not motivated to have a Peloton. Well, 2 weeks ago, we were in Colorado when we stopped at a little mall and there was a Peloton shop there. And so I walked in. I’m like, you know what? I like these things. I got to try it out. And I’m like, you know what? I’m probably gonna try to do this. You know? I’m gonna I’m gonna go get one now.


Josh Culler [00:16:44]:

I’m motivated to get one. So I gave I gave, or the the lady gave me her card because they want to get credit for the store or whatever. If I purchase the Peloton. I said, you know what? I’m not gonna purchase it here. I’m at I’m from out of town. And so I’ll like, just follow up with me. I’ll get back to you. Well, sure enough, 2 days later, she followed up with me.


Josh Culler [00:17:02]:

She knows I’m motivated. She knows that I have an interest in this Peloton and this bike, and she’s gotta hit me while it’s hot. And so she follows up with me at that point and says, hey. Are you still interested? Well, then you know, and I didn’t respond at that point because it was on a Sunday. But then throughout the rest of the afternoon, I start getting hit with ads from Peloton. Go figure. Right? Like, I started getting Facebook ads. I started I went to Google and I got, you know, some PPC ads, and that’s when they decided to hit me.


Josh Culler [00:17:33]:

Well, it’s more on their part because now I’m motivated. So then what do I do? I go to the website and double-check like, hey, is this confirmation that I won a Peloton? And so I started digging in a little bit, getting into the reviews and stuff like that. And then finally, sure enough, I’m like, alright, This is something I wanna do. Well, they had a lot of content out there. They had a lot of training videos and how-to videos. Here’s how you operate your Peloton. Here are the things you need to know before getting into it. Here’s the shoes you wanna use if you are going to, you know, actually be serious about this.


Josh Culler [00:18:01]:

And so I found I did all my fact found fact-finding and discovered, alright. I’m ready for this. And so I went and purchased 1 and, you know, gave the store credit or whatever. So I was in my motivated state at that point, not 6 months ago when if they did hit me, it would have been, like, alright, delete email, or I just don’t care. I’m not gonna be interested in these ads that I’m getting hit with on Facebook because I’m just not in the motivation for it. So it’s all about the state of mind and the situation where somebody is. And that’s why people tell you all the time, follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. You know, a really big thing is follow-up or hitting them with, you know, 6 different mail campaigns over a year or whatever.


Josh Culler [00:18:42]:

The reason is that you’re hoping to hit them when they’re motivated. That’s when you’re hoping to hit them just by blanketing them that way. But with content, it’s, you know, you’re you have stuff out there already. It’s preactive. And when they’re ready and they’re motivated, they’re gonna go search for it. If they find your stuff, you have a lot more credibility and authority, stance with them at


Jay Conner [00:19:05]:

that point. So Awesome. So, let’s say not let’s say. I am a real estate investor right here in Eastern North Carolina. So let’s say that I want to kickstart and launch my content marketing initiatives, either doing it myself or hiring you and your company to do it. What are some different strategies that could be employed to start using content marketing to where it would be, you know, beneficial?


Josh Culler [00:19:38]:

The first thing I would say and this is the easiest thing to start with is video content. You know, I have a lot of people say, like, yeah, but what about cameras and microphones and how do I script? Like, don’t worry about that. Video starting with video is the easiest way to do this. And the more complex you make it, by the way, the worse it’s gonna be for you. So keep it as simple as you possibly can. That’s the name of the game here. But the best thing to do would be to, topics-wise, is you wanna make sure you’re shooting videos and putting content out there that’s relevant to what your target demographic is looking for. So your target demographic is a motivated seller.


Josh Culler [00:20:15]:

Now what I would do is categorize those motivated sellers. You have, you know, absentees. You have you have landlords that have, vacant properties. Maybe you’re doing driving for dollars and you have, you know, some leads for that. You have probates. You have all kinds of different scenarios and different motivations. Categorize what those are. Now the next step would be to make sure you’re creating topics for that.


Josh Culler [00:20:38]:

So what are the questions that people in these demographics are asking about selling a house? Take, for instance, you know, somebody that’s, an an older lady who maybe she’s a widow. She’s in her late nineties and her early nineties or whatever, and she’s just in a stage of life where she can’t keep up the house anymore. She wants to move out. Right? You guys are probably familiar with this kind of scenario. Well, the best thing to do would be to educate that lady on what the next steps would be for her or what the next steps would be to sell the house and how to make it as easy as possible because that’s what’s gonna be the biggest factor for her. Price may not have anything to do with what she’s looking for. Maybe that she’s had the house for 60 plus years and she, you know, paid it off 20 years ago and had a, you know, dirt bought it dirt cheap or whatever. So you have a lot of different things that are working towards this.


Josh Culler [00:21:27]:

So you have to ask the questions, that the sellers are asking the questions. So figure out, like, what is Mary 90-year-old Mary? What question is she asking about selling her house? And then you shoot videos on that. Some of the biggest questions are, if you go to Google keyword search and you look up, sell my house, that term sell my house, the next phrases that come up is what is a real estate investor? What are the differences between a real estate investor and a realtor or a real estate agent? These are all things that you should be talking about and putting content out about because these are the questions that people are gonna ask you. So three good strategies for this are number 1, anytime you’re on the phone with a seller or one of your team members, your acquisitions agent or whatever, anytime they’re on a phone with a seller, every time a seller asks a question, write that down. There’s a video topic for you. And then obviously, another strategy would be for you to go back and think about, like, okay, what are some of the more common questions that sellers are asking that I’ve experienced as well? And then 3rd strategy is obviously to go to the web, go to, you know, answer the public.com or, Google keyword search and figure out what people are searching in addition to sell my house, not sell your house, sell my house because they’re looking for sell my house. And that’s the important thing is to figure out what they’re asking specifically. Put yourself in their shoes, and those are the video topics that you’re shooting on.


Josh Culler [00:22:49]:

Now the advantage of doing video is that when you do a video, you can move that into multiple Jay, that you know that this is my this is my calling card is that repurposing the content. And now if I shot a 4-minute video talking about what is a real estate investor, because people don’t know what that is, guys. They think it’s a suit on Wall Street or a sleazy slumlord that’s, like, taking advantage of people. And if that’s not you, it’s your job to relay that to your target demographic. So if I do a 4-minute video on that topic, well, now I can transcribe that, clean up that transcription, put it into a written SEO-rich, blog or form or whatever you wanna call it. Throw that on your website. Now you have a whole other piece of content that’s gonna reel people in. And so that’s the easiest place to start is with video, Jay.


Josh Culler [00:23:35]:

And don’t overcomplicate it guys, like use your cell phone if you have to make sure you’re in a good environment. Make sure you’re in an environment. Maybe you have a house that you have under contract. Maybe have that on behind you. And then just get it out. Like, this is what post-production is for. A lot of people, Jay, they worry about, like, I gotta script the video or I gotta make sure that I, you know, get it right all the way through. No.


Josh Culler [00:23:55]:

You don’t. Like, just talk. And then a video editor can come in behind you and clip out any dead space, any screw-ups that you have, and then put the video together for you, and boom, you don’t have to worry about anything. So literally just open your phone, hit the record button, talk, stop recording, and then you’re good to go. So those are the that’s the easiest way to get started, Jay. And even if people wanna use Zoom, that’s the easiest way to get started. Don’t start with going to Best Buy and buying a $4,000 Canon camera. That’s why you’re gonna get turned off immediately.


Josh Culler [00:24:25]:

You’re not gonna do it. That’s my recommendation. So


Jay Conner [00:24:29]:

So what if I am a real estate investor and I know I need this content marketing to like be everywhere? So when somebody’s looking for me in my ear, they’re going to find me, but I don’t want to do all that stuff. Can you like you and your team, like, just like make this happen and like make my life easy?


Josh Culler [00:24:50]:

We can make your life easy, Jay.


Jay Conner [00:24:53]:

Well, tell tell us how that works. I mean, I mean, I just want to, like, do as little as possible, and, like, you know, magic falls out of the clouds.


Josh Culler [00:25:03]:

Absolutely. Well, here’s the thing. I think before I jump into that, Jay, I think there’s a really good point here to be taken. And that is Jay Jay is a very intelligent, smart person, guys. You know this. You can listen to his show. But Jay does not know everything. He doesn’t know how to do everything.


Josh Culler [00:25:20]:

Contrary to belief, Jay does not know how to do everything. Josh doesn’t know how to do everything. Right? I don’t know about private money, but if I wanted to learn something, I would go to Jay and figure out how to do it or have somebody else do it on my behalf. Right? Like, this is where like, in marketing, the reason I mentioned before, there are many, many silos is because you cannot put it on yourself to try to do everything yourself, especially inside of this world. After all, marketing is a whole different ball game. Given the skills that you have to have to do it, the knowledge you have to have, the experience that you have to have, the testing, and all that stuff. So delegate those things to people who are professionals who know how to do that. And I think that’s a really good point that Jay brings up is that he doesn’t have to learn how to run a Facebook ad. He’s got somebody that does that.


Josh Culler [00:26:03]:

He doesn’t have to learn how to create a good video. He’s got some this podcast, he doesn’t have he’s not Jay is just on here talking, guys. Jay does nothing but talk on the podcast. He’s got a producer that makes it look all pretty and puts it together.


Jay Conner [00:26:15]:

Come on, Jay. Don’t let the secret out of the bag.


Josh Culler [00:26:18]:

It’s it’s but he’s delegating that stuff guys. And marketing is one of those silos inside a business that you have to delegate to the professionals because you could lose a lot of money and go broke very quickly very, very quick if you try to do everything yourself. So just keep that in mind. To answer your question then, so there are a few things that we work on. Video content is the primary thing that we do, but we also do strategy sessions where I’ll hop on a Zoom call with somebody for 2, or 3 hours and we’ll audit everything that you have going on inside of your marketing. Not just content marketing, but all of your marketing as well. Look at your branding, look at the messaging that you have, Any of the strategies, audit all that, audit your competition and figure out what makes sense for you to do as opposed to what somebody else is doing. And we go through all of that and create an entire marketing game plan for you.


Josh Culler [00:27:09]:

Inside of that is concept marketing. So doing videos and stuff like that. And then we give that back to you. And if you want help with the implementation, then we talk about it from there. We make those connections if you need an SEO person or a PTC person or whatever. But that’s one of the things that we could do. So if somebody wanted to, you know, learn more about that, you can go to color mediate. And you can learn more about it there.


Josh Culler [00:27:37]:



Jay Conner [00:27:37]:

Just to make sure everybody that’s listening, that’s Josh Culler, c u l l e r, and his website is www.culercullermedia, media.com. So listen, folks, you know you need it. You know you need it. You need both sides of this equation. Direct marketing. And for those people that are looking for us, I tell you something, folks, that I’ve learned over the years. When somebody is looking for me and my services, it’s a whole lot easier to get the deal and the sale than me reaching out to them. And now we gotta start, you know, the relationship.


Jay Conner [00:28:18]:

So Josh Culler and his team will take care of you from start to finish and just get it done for you. Again, that’s www. Colormediacullermedia.com. Josh and his team will take care of you. So, Josh, I have a question for you that you do not know is coming. So let’s have a little bit of fun for a quick second and we’ll call that still a wrap. And here’s the question. Josh Cutter, you, yourself, what is your superpower?


Josh Culler [00:28:49]:

Oh, man. I love this question. I think about this a lot because I always, Jay, like, I always wanna put myself in my business and my life for that matter in the best position I can to perform and do what, like, my god-given gifts are. So I believe that my superpower is there are 2 things. First of all, it’s human behavior. I don’t know why. I could look at somebody, Jay, for 2 seconds and realize, like, I’m gonna click well with this person, or this is gonna be somebody that’s gonna be problematic. So, like, I’m just really good at that.


Josh Culler [00:29:24]:

I’ve always been good at reading people, and hopefully, Jay, I mean, you could tell me if I’m wrong or not, but building relationships with people, I’m very focused on that, which is kind of funny because I’m a little bit of an introvert, a lot of times. Sometimes if you see me as a mastermind like Jay and I are in family mastermind and collective genius together, and sometimes we’re on mastermind. Like I just go straight back to my room after the meeting. I don’t want to have 1 or I don’t want to have dinner with anybody except for that one time you and I had dinner, Jay. But, anyway, so I think it’s that. I think it’s human behavior, and then the second thing is problem-solving. I have a hard time thinking of it this way. With my wife, it’s something, Jay, like, in the many, many years that you and Carol Joy have been married, you probably give me this advice as well, and I’ve been given this advice many times.


Josh Culler [00:30:13]:

Sometimes in marriage, just don’t solve the problem. Like, your wife just wants you to hear her out and not solve a problem. And I have a hard time doing that sometimes because I love solving problems so much. And I think that’s why, like, the seat that I put myself in in my business is where I’m thriving the most because I can see a problem, sniff it out, and then solve it immediately. Even if I don’t solve it, I know somebody who can help me solve it, and that’s where I think my superpower lies. And not getting to a point where I’m emotional or I’m too logical with solving a problem. You know, if I lose a client, I don’t, like, freak out and start, like, going ballistic and losing my temper and stuff like that. I figure out, like, okay. How how can how do I solve this problem? What was the reason why this client left, and how can I facilitate to make sure that this doesn’t happen again? And I think that’s where my superpower lies.


Josh Culler [00:31:07]:

I’ve had many people tell me, like, you’re good at solving problems, and that’s where I approach things as well. And it even goes to me asking the question why all the time? Like, even growing up, I would always ask the question why. Like, it could get me in trouble sometimes when you know, in 8th grade when I’m in science class and the teacher’s teaching us about Pluto, and I raise my hand and ask why are we learning about Pluto when I could be learning something else more useful, that can get you in trouble a lot of times. But with me, the way I learn is always asking why. You know, if somebody tells me, oh, you gotta wake up at 5 a.m. every morning. Why? Why do I have to wake up I  can do the same amount of work if I wake up at 8 and then work later in the night. You know what I’m saying? So asking why is a really big way for me to solve a problem as well.


Josh Culler [00:31:56]:

So I think those are the 2 things. It’s human behavior and problem-solving problem solving is superpowers of mine.


Jay Conner [00:32:01]:

Josh, thank you for agreeing to take your filter off for a moment.


Josh Culler [00:32:07]:

I love taking my filter off.


Jay Conner [00:32:09]:

So now I know why you disappear at the end of every Mastermind meeting. Where’s Josh? I wanted to talk with Josh. He’s like, he’s upstairs.


Josh Culler [00:32:18]:

Except for that one time that you, Carol Joy, and Jason went out at Family Mastermind, and I tried oysters for the very first time.


Josh Culler [00:32:28]:

They were great, guys. It’s gonna be great.


Jay Conner [00:32:29]:

You just learned one of my superpowers. One of my superpowers is influencing people to try something they’ve never tried before.


Josh Culler [00:32:35]:

Persuasion and influence. That’s right.


Jay Conner [00:32:38]:

Josh, thank you so much. There you have it folks. Josh Culler, done for you for all of your content marketing at, www. CullerMedia. Com. And thank you, our viewers and listeners for being here with us on another episode of real estate investing with Jay Conner. I’m Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority, wishing you all the best, and here’s taking your business to the next level. We’ll see you right here on the next show.


Jay Conner [00:33:09]:

Bye for now.