Episode 138: Private Money and Passive Income in Real Estate: Insights from Todd Corbin and Jay Conner

Delve into the Lucrative World of Real Estate Investment with Jay Conner and Todd Corbin! 

In this engaging podcast episode, Todd Corbin and Jay Conner shed light on investment opportunities where trust meets abundance. 

Todd shares his journey from a background in Christian ministry to becoming a successful private lender, highlighting the importance of integrity and serving others in their investment business.

Jay and Todd emphasize the benefits of private money lending for real estate deals and share insights from his Private Money Academy live conference and book. 

Together, they discuss ways to borrow money from private lenders and the positive impact on both investors and those needing assistance. 

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from this episode:

  1. Trust and Integrity: Both Todd and Jay place a high value on serving people and ensuring integrity in their real estate investment business. Their focus on helping distressed homeowners and those struggling to qualify for a mortgage sets them apart in the industry.
  2. Private Money and Passive Investment: Todd Corbin shared his positive experience with Jay’s private money program, highlighting the opportunities it provides for secure, high rates of return. Jay explained the benefits of borrowing from private lenders and shared insights on protecting the interests of private lenders.
  3. Learning Opportunities: Jay and Todd discussed the Private Money Academy live conference, emphasizing the value of attending the event to learn about private money and putting the program into action.

If you’re interested in exploring secure investment opportunities and building trust in the real estate investment arena, this episode is a must-listen!


0:01 – Raising Private Money Without Asking For It

7:40 – Discovered new investment opportunities with high returns.

10:10 – Transition from ministry to successful business ownership.

13:39 – Todd Corbin’s commitment to helping others evolve.

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17:00 – Jay’s Free Book – “Where To Get The Money Now” – https://www.JayConner.com/Book   

17:12 –  Raised $2,000,000 of Private Money in 90 days

23:28 – Private lenders protected, no losses since 2009.

24:38 – Preview the event for the program and present investment options.

29:47 – Connect With Todd Corbin: https://www.integrityinvestsolutions.com     


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Private Money and Passive Income in Real Estate: Insights from Todd Corbin and Jay Conner


Jay Conner [00:00:01]:

Welcome to another amazing episode of Raising Private Money. I’m Jay Conner, your host, also known as the Private Money Authority. Well, you’re now listening to the show where what we talk about is how to raise private money for your real estate deals without ever asking for money. Right? The traditional way to raise private money is to go to the bank and get on your hands and knees and beg, or the hard money lender. Well, in this world of private money, You don’t have to ask. We talk about how you get the money chasing you. Well, I have an amazing guest here on the show with me today. He’s a good friend.


Jay Conner [00:00:37]:

He’s in our top-level mastermind group of real estate investors who are all about raising private money. So his background story is, to say the least, very, very interesting. My guest became a pastor’s kid back when he was only 15 years old, and ever since being a teenager, he was in and has been in the world of Christian ministry in So many different ways. For example, he taught for 9 years in 3 different Christian high schools. He’s also served as a worship leader and a youth leader in churches. Something really big is he has led 30 different teams of people, teenagers, and adults, on mission trips all over the world. 10 years he was a missionary and, served in Budapest. And for the past 19 years, he’s been a mentor and consultant to teenagers and young adult children of missionaries.


Jay Conner [00:01:34]:

So as time went on Through his career and his wife’s career, retirement years started approaching. And they quickly realized that, well, we haven’t saved up enough money to be financially free and take care of ourselves financially over the years. So they started thinking about, well, how can we continue to serve? Because serving other people is so important in their lives, how they can continue to serve people in some kind of way and also provide for their financial needs, you know, as retirement years come along. Well, The answer to that question, is how can I serve in my retirement years and make still good money? Well, that’s when he and I met. He and I met back in 2022. He had attended, one of our live events that we have here on Private Money. And he’s convinced that God was in the midst of this, quote unquote coincidence, which was not a coincidence. My guest believes that the way we do real estate investing by using private money was the answer to his and his wife’s Predicament.


Jay Conner [00:02:44]:

So what they love about the program and the way we do the business is it’s all about teaching people, how they can get them under and get high rates of returns safely and securely. And, it’s also about serving people that may not be ready for a mortgage, and how he can help those people out as well. So, he and his wife, have found, a way to continue to serve people and make good money while doing it. My guest has got a servant’s heart unlike anybody else I know. He’s all about putting other people first, And in just a moment, you’re going to meet my very, very special guest, mister Todd Corbin, right after this.


Narrator [00:03:28]:

If you’re a real estate investor and are wondering how to raise and leverage private money to make more profit on every deal, Then you’re in the right place. On raising private money, we’ll speak with new and seasoned investors to dissect their deals and extract The best tips and strategies to help you get the money because the money comes first. Now here’s your host, Jay Conner.


Jay Conner [00:03:56]:

Well, hello there, Todd, and welcome to the show.


Todd Corbin [00:03:59]:

Hey, Jay. It’s good to see you as always.


Jay Conner [00:04:03]:

Good to see you too. And you are now, you and your wife, Liana, you are fellow North Carolinians. Not too long ago, you moved to the Clayton, North Carolina area. You moved up here from Florida. Right?


Todd Corbin [00:04:18]:

Yes. We were in Orlando, Florida for 15 years.


Jay Conner [00:04:22]:

Right. Right. Well, excited to have you as a fellow North Carolinian, and also You are a very valuable, member of our Mastermind group. In fact, in just a couple of weeks, we’re getting together for our next Mastermind get-together. So, very interesting story that I just shared, of course, about you and, in the introduction. And What I’ve discovered is there’s, there’s typically something that happens in someone’s life that triggers them to take action and explore other opportunities like you did. So you started thinking about real estate investing. Tell the story of how is it that we even came to meet and know each other, and you learn about, you know, how we do private money and all that kind of good stuff.


Todd Corbin [00:05:15]:

Yeah. So, as you’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve been in ministry for, basically all my adult life, and we got thinking about, retirement and how we’re gonna take care of ourselves. And, actually, during during COVID, I started doing a lot of Talking and arguing with God, and trying to figure out how life was going to work. Anyway, during that time, I used to go, walking each morning while we were living in Orlando. During that time, I would pray and sometimes argue with God. And, this one particular morning after I’d finished praying, I thought I was gonna listen to a podcast. And there’s another, well-known guy who is in, real estate, and I had taken his Mastermind class, and he was gonna be interviewing you, Jay. And, so I thought, well, hey.


Todd Corbin [00:06:11]:

You know, maybe this will be interesting because this guy talks all about how to raise Private money. And, I hadn’t heard a whole lot about that. I’d heard a little bit from the other guy, but not so much. So I listened, And I was quite intrigued by what you said. And then, you also there was some way where we could, write in and ask for your book. We get a free book. So I thought, well, why not? You know, even though I’m not a reader, it takes me forever to finish a book, and there are many books I’ve started and never finished. I read your book in a day and a half.


Todd Corbin [00:06:47]:

And for me, that’s good. So, I read the book, and then there was the opportunity to, take your private money academy, thing, like, class, I believe. So I ordered that. And when we did that, there was the opportunity to come to your live event. So I have to say, Maybe you didn’t want me to say this is Jay, but when I was watching the Private Money Academy things, all I could think was I liked Everything that this guy says, but I don’t think I like him. I think he’s, arrogant. That was that was what I thought. And, but I thought I was gonna go to this event anyway, and I’m so glad that I did because Seeing you in person and interacting with you, I realized this guy is the real deal, And, he isn’t arrogant.


Todd Corbin [00:07:40]:

He is all about helping people. And so I went to the event mostly thinking about how are we gonna take care of ourselves, in our retirement years. And it just blew my mind to learn how this whole program works with, raising private money and using private money. And so for us, we thought, boy, we’ve had money in different investment things over the years, And it’s been pathetic, the kind of return we’ve gotten. And I was listening to you, and I’m thinking, why has no one ever told me about this before? And so talked with my wife, and we both agreed, ma’am, this is what we need to do. And so the original thing was just we decided to become private lenders ourselves. And, boy, it has I don’t know if you want me to share all of the details and everything. You can ask me if you want me to, but It has blown our minds as far as, what a safe and secure and high return We could get from being private lenders, and then to learn that we could help other people by teaching them about this program.


Todd Corbin [00:08:51]:

It just was like, Man, God brought everything together for us to be able to continue to serve people, but also take care of ourselves financially.


Jay Conner [00:09:01]:

I love it. Thank you for sharing that. So, I mean, I’m glad you brought that up, Todd, because A lot of real estate investors out there get a bad rap, and some of them deserve it, deserve the bad rap. And that bad rap is they’re out there to take advantage of people and, you know, steal properties and all that kind of stuff. And, you know, as you operate, and the way that I operate, it’s all about serving people. And how do we serve these people? Like, you know, one thing that I know you’re passionate about is we help people, not only buy the house and get them out of distress, if they’re in distress, But a lot of times we’ll turn around and we’ll be able to sell a home with, on rent to own program and help them get in credit Helping them get ready for a mortgage. And I have I have witnessed this over the years, anytime I got involved in an opportunity or financial opportunity. And the only reason that I was interested in doing it was to make the money.


Jay Conner [00:10:10]:

I failed miserably. I never even got off the ground. But every time that I’ve been involved in something that I’m passionate about, And of course, you got to have the business plan to go along with it for it to, you know, make the money. But as long as I’m able to take my mind off myself And focus on the other person that I’m serving, whether it’s a new private lender that, you know, had never heard of private money, and now they’re gonna, You know, invest in our deals or loan us money, or whether it’s I’m serving a buyer, then that works out just beautiful. Now your background, Todd, in ministry for all all these years, I want you to talk about how someone goes from being a missionary and living in ministry to becoming the owner of your own business. And the reason that that, question is important, is we have a lot of listeners here to the show that have never been in business for themselves. They’ve never been an entrepreneur. They’ve received payment from other people.


Jay Conner [00:11:15]:

So how do you shift? How does the mindset shift? Whatever else shifts from becoming an employee mindset to being an entrepreneur mindset?


Todd Corbin [00:11:27]:

Yeah. That’s, I think it is a a perfect question for me because I think a lot of people have known me all these years And, have only known me in the ministry world. It does feel like quite a leap to now, at this stage in my life, to be a business owner. And, so like I said earlier, it was very important to My wife, Liana, and me that when we get into our retirement years, we wanna continue to be able to help people. I wanna help people until I’m senile. So all my my years leading up to now, my adult, life has been focused on teens and young adults. And I love that demographic, but I know physically I can’t keep doing that the way I’ve been doing it all these years. And so we needed to find something that’s gonna allow us to continue to pour into people.


Todd Corbin [00:12:31]:

And, Yes. There was there there was a shift in my mind, and I think in the minds of people who’ve known me for a long time. And I think because this is this this real estate investment business is focused on helping people. And our the name of our company is Integrity Investment Solutions, and it was very important to me to have a name that would convey that this isn’t about, cheating people or even it isn’t about making us a whole lot of money. The core part of our business is to be people of integrity, authentic people. And as we share this program with people let them know You can trust us. If we say this is the way it is, it is the way it is. Because I feel like if I don’t have Integrity, if I don’t have if my word is not good, then I’ve given people nothing.


Todd Corbin [00:13:39]:

I want people I’ve wanted people all my life to be able to know that what Todd Corbin says is what Todd Corbin means, and he will do he’ll move Heaven on Earth to fulfill those promises that I make to people. And so Just all the combination of being able to help people see there is another way to invest your money beyond what All of the things we’ve learned all of these years and the seems to be that that’s the only way to do things, that there’s another way that is even safer and more secure and give you a better return, but then also to be able to help distressed homeowners And to help people who can’t get a mortgage. I just love that that’s the way we approach this whole whole business In every single aspect, it’s about helping people. And if we can do that, the rest of our Lives as long as we’re mentally capable, then my life will be very full. It’s been very full all of this time. I wouldn’t change anything about The kind of life that I’ve had and the ministry that I’ve had. But now life is evolving, and as I’m getting older, I’m realizing Everything can’t look the same. I wanna spend the rest of my life continuing to pour into some of these people that God has brought my way over the years, these missionaries and missionary families.


Todd Corbin [00:15:06]:

But now it’s like my scope of influence can grow even much bigger because I can help other people who don’t fall into that demographic but have just as many needs. And so if that’s that’s what took place in my mind. So for me, it wasn’t a big leap. Yeah. I’m not a business person.  I’ve had to learn a lot here. It’s been a steep learning curve for me. But I’ve got the best teachers in Jay and and his his crew.


Todd Corbin [00:15:39]:

But The idea that I’ve had a life of focusing on helping the needs of people and doing what I’m doing now, isn’t a big leap Because it’s like continuing to do what I’ve been doing. After all, people matter to me, and I know they matter to God. And so I wanna be A vessel that can help anybody with any kind of needs that they have if I’m physically able.


Jay Conner [00:16:06]:

Right. And, you know, doing real estate the way we do it, and earning the kind of money that we’re earning. I mean, my average profits right now are $78,000 per deal here in a small market in eastern North Carolina. You talk about serving people. Think of all the other ways that you can help people even financially. Right? When you are being blessed, financially. You mentioned that we met when you came to, my live event on private money. I guess we should just go ahead and share that link so our listeners can, check it out.


Jay Conner [00:16:40]:

We put on the Private Money Academy, live conference in person 3 times a year. The URL for, the website that you can go check out for this live event is www.jays liveevent.com. Jayslivevent.com. Jaysliveevent.com. And you talked about reading my book. I guess we should give our give my book away for free as well. Where to Get the Minute and Now. This is the book that Todd Corbin read that, led him to us meeting each other.


Jay Conner [00:17:12]:

And this will explain step by step exactly how I raised over $2,000,000 in less than 90 days when I was cut off from the banks. It’s $20 at Amazon, but on this link, you can get it for free. Just cover shipping. We priority mail this book to you and you can pick it up at www.jayconner, j a y c0ner.comforward/book. That’s jayconner. comforward/book. We should probably share with our listeners, Todd, to make sure everyone understands. When we’re talking about private money and private lenders, We’re talking about borrowing money from individuals, not institutions, not banks, not hard money lenders, but borrowing money from individuals who are loaning us money either from their investment capital or their retirement accounts. And so, getting private money the way that you and I and our other Mastermind members do it has got nothing to do with There’s no application to fill out.


Jay Conner [00:18:22]:

You’re already approved. You’re not applying for anything. And people don’t understand that when they first hear it. So let’s take a let’s take a second to explain how it works. So, you know, the traditional way to borrow money for your real estate deals is you go either to the local bank or a hard money lender. You apply. You’ve got to give your financials, proof of income, your credit score is pulled, and all that. Well, in this world of private money, We’re not asking for anything.


Jay Conner [00:18:51]:

We’re not asking for a mortgage. What we do is we put on our teacher hat. Right? So we put on our private money teacher hat and we start sharing with people and with people that we already have connections with. You know, we go to church with them. They’re on our cell phone. They’re on your email list. They’re on your social media. You know, people that you know in your network, and by the way, if you don’t have a large network.


Jay Conner [00:19:16]:

At the live event, we teach you how to grow your network very very quickly. But we teach them, how they can earn high rates of return safely and securely. And we’re not pitching any deals, we’re just teaching them our private lending program, how they can be a private lender. And here’s what’s interesting. Carol Joy, my wife, and I have 47 private lenders individuals that are loaning us money on our deals. You don’t need 47 out, you just need to start with a couple just like I did back in 2009. And of course, they start referring other people, but all 47 of these Private lenders that we have had never heard of private money. They’d never heard of private lending.


Jay Conner [00:20:01]:

They had never heard of self-directed IRAs. And that’s a rider downer right there. You see over 47 of our private lenders are using their, and over half of them are using their, retirement funds to invest in our deals, to loan us money on our deals. And so it’s important to establish a relationship with a self-directed IRA company and Representative. That way, when you’re talking with someone who has retirement funds, well, you can introduce them to the connection you have at the self-directed IRA company and they can assist them in moving their retirement funds. And the company that we recommend is QuestTrust .com. They’re out of Houston, Texas. They have amazing service.


Jay Conner [00:20:47]:

I get my deals funded in 3 days and their website is www.quest Trust. Questtrust.com. As a matter of fact, at all of our live events, Private Money Live Events, we have Colin from Quest come and give a presentation on how you can use people’s retirement funds, to invest in the, you know, to fund your deals and they get returns that are either tax-deferred or tax-free. And it’s just a win-win for everybody. So anyway, I’m glad you brought up, the live event there, Todd. The point I wanted to make is all 47 of my private lenders, none of them had ever heard of private money or private lending. Todd, my guess is you might have a similar experience. Do your private lenders have this idea of Private money and private lending, brand new to them, or do you have a mix of people?


Todd Corbin [00:21:50]:

No. Everybody that I’ve talked to has never heard of anything like this. And honestly, for a lot of people, it scares them because they haven’t heard of it. But, As they sit and listen, as I explain how the program works, I can see that the fear starts to Side. Just yesterday, I was meeting with a with a dear lady. She’s a dear friend of our family and talking it talking the program through with Her, and she had never heard of anything like this, and she’s she’s she’s interested. So, yeah, I think The vast majority don’t know that this exists, but they should. And so that’s why this program is great because It’s all about teaching people there is another way to invest that’s very safe and very secure, and it will give you a high fixed rate of return.


Jay Conner [00:22:41]:

And when you say secure, that’s another example of how we protect our private lenders. And that is, we don’t borrow any unsecured funds. All of our private lenders receive a mortgage or a deed of trust. It’s real estate that is backing that note. Another way we protect our private lenders is we have a very, very conservative loan to value, So, we’re not overleveraging these properties. Typically we’re not going to borrow more than 75% of the after-repaired value of a property. So there’s a large equity cushion. We also name our private lenders on the insurance policy as the property and casualty insurance policy of the property, as the mortgagee.



Jay Conner [00:23:28]:

So, if something happens to the property, the private lender is protected as well. We named the private lender on the title policy as an additional insured. So, we’ve got all these different layers of protection for the private lender. For that reason, 100% of our private lenders are on all the deals that we’ve done, and we’ve done hundreds and hundreds of them, and have received 100% of the money they were expecting on the promissory note ever since 2009.



Jay Conner [00:24:28]:

None of our private lenders have ever lost money and they got every penny that was coming to them. And that’s because of the way the program that we’ve got it laid out. Now Todd, of course, you and I know lots of ways that we’re able to get the word out to people in our warm market, without us having to chase, Beg, sell, or persuade anybody. Well, one of those ways is a private lender luncheon, and you just had a private lender luncheon, and it wasn’t your first one, just a few days ago.


Jay Conner [00:24:31]:

So explain to our listeners, what is a private lender luncheon, and how does that work?


Todd Corbin [00:24:38]:

Well, it’s it’s time where we we let people know ahead of time that on this particular date, we’re going to do a luncheon. Mine was an evening thing, so it was it was a dessert social. But, so we get the word out that this is coming, and it’s an opportunity for them to learn how this program works and get all of their questions asked and answered. And so they come together. I had, about 10 people At my, event on Thursday evening, and I did a a presentation about how the program works. I like to I’m a very visual person, so I like to, put up some things on the screen to show, Here’s if you’d taken $100,000 and invested it in conventional options, on January 1, 2022, And kept it in there till December 31, 2023, what would that money have earned you? And then on the other side, if taken 100,000 and invested that with our company, what that money would have earned you? And it’s a huge difference. And it’s very visual to see this is what happens to a lot of people when they invest conventionally, And this is what the people who invest with us get to receive. So it’s, yeah, it’s just a time for people to come and learn about it.


Todd Corbin [00:26:01]:

There’s no pressure. We’re not trying to Sell anything. We’re just trying to teach them that there’s another way out there.


Jay Conner [00:26:08]:

Well, Todd, we have 2 different groups of listeners here on the show. One group of our listeners are real estate investors that are brand new and they’re looking for ways to fund their deals by using private money. And the other group of listeners that we have are people that would be interested in being a private lender and would love to just be passively investing in real estate, be a private lender, just sit back and, you know, collect their checks without having to negotiate deals and etcetera, as you do. 1st, let’s start with our listeners that are interested in being a real estate investor or they’re perhaps already investing and looking for more private money. Todd, what advice would you give to that group of people as the best way for them to get started, learn about private money, and put the program into action?


Todd Corbin [00:27:01]:

Well, The number one thing I would say is to come to Jay’s live event, which is happening in just a couple of weeks because it is very eye-opening, And the energy that is at this event is so incredible. We have so much fun together. There’s a lot of laughter, but there’s excitement. And I’ve just been very impressed. I’ve been to several of the events now. I’ve been very impressed with the caliber of people that it brings. They’re not all so very flashy, But people of integrity and people that really wanna make a difference. And so I would say that first.


Todd Corbin [00:27:36]:

And then if you could Take the next step and enroll in Jay’s program, how you can learn exactly how to do this? They are they are So good at how they put this whole program together and they walk with us. They don’t just send us all of the material And then expect us to figure it all out, and maybe we can call in once a month or something. They are walking with us Week after week, day after day, they’re always available. And I’m so patient with those of us who maybe don’t learn it as quickly, Myself included. But, it’s just been so good as far as learning how the program works. And if it’s about finding who you could get, who whom you might become one of your private lenders, You just start with people that you know, people that know you and trust you, and you have a relationship with them. It’s just It’s so easy to just start there with the people that are around you that are your family and friends, your warm market, And just start telling them about this program, and then it just kinda happens.


Jay Conner [00:28:48]:

And then on the other group of people that we have, Our listeners here, Todd, people that would love to get high rates of return that’s backed, secure, it’s very, very safe, Very, very conservative. Those people who are listening. Let me tell you something, folks. If you’re interested in being a passive real estate investor just sit back and collect checks and have everything secure. I don’t know anybody better to do business with than Todd Corbin. I know personally he is a person of high integrity, just like you named his company after, and he’s going to treat your investment capital and or your retirement funds just like it is his own money. And so, Todd, For those that would be interested in having a conversation with you about potentially becoming a private lender with you and Lianna and a way that they can make high rates of return passively, safely, and securely. What’s the best way for people to get in touch with you, Todd, to have a conversation with you?


Todd Corbin [00:29:52]:

Well, I’m happy to give out my phone number. First of all, it’s 407-704-9061. We also have a website. It’s https://www.integrityinvestsolutions.com, and we have a Facebook page, Integrity Investment Solutions. Yeah. There it is on the screen. And we’re also on Instagram. Feel free to engage with us on social media, but I’m also happy to take a Call.


Todd Corbin [00:30:21]:

I did have a guy who called me out of the blue. He had I have a book too that I, just recently came out called You Can Be the Bank that talks about this program. A guy had purchased it on Amazon, and he just called me out of the blue and said,  I would like to ask you some questions about this, and we’ve developed a relationship through this. So I’m happy to talk with anybody who would like to know more about this, and I’d be Thrilled to be able to help you get the kind of returns that people who are investing with our companies have been doing.


Jay Conner [00:30:53]:

So one more time, Todd’s cell phone. And he answers the phone when you call or text. Todd Corbin’s cell phone number is 407 704-9061. Glad to talk to you about, getting high rates of returns safely and securely. His website is https://www.integrityinvestsolutions.com. Todd, thank you so much for taking the time to come on and join me here on the show.


Todd Corbin [00:31:27]:

Thank you, Jay. I appreciate you so much. I have Nothing but respect and love for you.


Jay Conner [00:31:32]:

Same back to you, Todd. And look forward to seeing you in person in just a couple of weeks at the upcoming live event. Thank you, Todd.


Todd Corbin [00:31:39]:

Absolutely. Absolutely.


Jay Conner [00:31:41]:

Well, there you have it. Another amazing episode of Raising Private Money. And listen, I’m looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming live event or one of the subsequent live events that we’ll be having. And we appreciate the following. If you happen to be listening to, one of the platforms, your iPhone, podcast app, Spotify, etcetera. Any of the platforms are very, very, special to us. We appreciate the likes, and we appreciate The follows. So, just follow so you don’t miss out.


Jay Conner [00:32:13]:

If you happen to be watching on YouTube, be sure and subscribe and ring that bell so you don’t miss out on any upcoming notifications. I’m Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority, wishing you all the best, and I look forward to seeing you right here on the next episode of Raising Private Money.


Narrator [00:32:34]:

Are you feeling inspired by the knowledge you gained in this episode? Then head over to jconner.com/moneyguide. That’s www.JayConner.com/Moneyguide,  and download your free guide that shares seven reasons why private money will skyrocket your real estate investing business right now. Again, that’s www.JayConner.com/Moneyguide to get your free guide. We’ll see you next time on Raising Private Money with Jay Conner.