How Jay Conner Raised $1Million Of Private Money Over Lunch! | Raising Private Money

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How would you like to be able to raise not just a hundred thousand but one million of private money in a short period of one-hour luncheon?

Impossible? No! Jay Conner is the underlying proof because that is exactly what he did.

Jay raised $969,000 at just one private lender event! So if you want private money for your deals, stay tuned to the very end of this show.

What You Will Learn At The End Of This Video:

What Is A Private Money-Raising Event?

How To Create A Warm Environment For Your Private Money-Raising Event.

The Credibility Team You Need.

How In The World Would People Lend You Money When You Have Never Done A Deal Before?

How To Put Your Teacher Hat On! What Is The Real Deal In The World Of Private Money?

Why You Should Use Private Money On Your Real Estate Deals?

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0:01 -Raising Private Money With Jay Conner.

1:38 – How Jay Conner Raised $1 Million Of Private Money Over Lunch!

6:54 – Create A Warm Environment For Your Private Money-Raising Event.

8:50 – How To Pick The Best Private Lenders’ Event Place.

11:00 – The Credibility Team You Need For Your Private Lender Event.

14:46 – Who In The World Would Lend You Money If You Have Never Done A Deal Before?

16:33 – How Do You Leverage A Relationship?

19:21 – Jay’s Free Private Money Guide:

20:34 – The Good Money Problem

21:18 – Put Your Teacher Hat On!

23:01 – The Private Money World

25:17 – The Money Is In The Follow-Up


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How Jay Conner Raised $1Million Of Private Money Over Lunch! | Raising Private Money

Jay Conner


How would you like to be able to raise private money? I’m talking about right at $1 million of private money in a short one-hour luncheon. Well, that’s exactly what I did. I raised $969,000 at just one private lender luncheon. Well, my guest in this episode is a very good friend of mine who’s raised three and a half million dollars of private money herself. My guest is Crystal Baker and in this episode, we are reversing the roles. That’s right. Crystal is actually gonna be interviewing me as to how exactly you two can get a lot of private money very quickly and very easily. So if you want private money for your deals, stay tuned to the very end of this show. Let’s get started right now.

Crystal Baker


Well, I’m super excited cuz I have the unique opportunity to actually get to interview you, Jay. And so thank you for having me and I hope that we can share some really great information with all of your guests. The question we were asked is, cuz I, there’s word out there that you raised 969,000 at one time. How did you do that?

Jay Conner


Well, you know, Crystal, and of course, you very well know because you’ve raised millions in private money yourself for your real estate business like myself, there are so many ways to attract private money. Of course, one way we don’t do it is by trying to pitch somebody on a deal in a fight. I’ve never pitched a deal right in my life. So what do we do? We put on our teacher hat, right? And we teach people. So how did I raise $969,000? It was at a private money luncheon. A private money luncheon and wanting the world is a private money luncheon. Well, a private money luncheon is where you invite people to this luncheon, you have a set menu, they’re not off, they’re not, you know, ordering off the menu and all that. And the purpose of having them there is to teach them about private money, and private lending, and to teach ’em a little bit about self-directed IRAs and how they can use their retirement accounts to also be a private lender. So the event is just wonderful. I mean, what a great way to leverage your time. Takes the same amount of time to teach one person about private money and how it works and what your private, you know, the lending program is and that type of thing. Versus, you know, having maybe 20 people that you’re teaching. So it’s a great way to leverage your time, raise a lot of private money very, very quickly, and have it in a very, very fun environment.

Crystal Baker


Awesome.  and you know, it’s really interesting because one of the questions that we were given, and so I would wanna touch base about this, is they were asking us, well, you know, is it only lunch? So you’d mentioned a fun environment and so I would wanna share that we’ve actually had, through the teaching of all of your students, the opportunities for them to have events of different kinds. So it’s not only lunch, right? You can do some other

Jay Conner


Things. Yeah, I mean, you know, when I started out years ago, I mean I,  started using private money all the way back to 2009, 2003 to 2009. I was using the local banks, but the world of private money is like changed and transformed my real estate investing business in 2009 and since then got 44 private lenders now funding our deals. But you know, I had in my mind for a few years that it was a luncheon to do it. Well, you know, some of the students that you and I coach started saying, Well hey, can’t we do this event at, you know, different times or different venues or different places? And so, wow, our students came up with some just amazing ideas and they’ve been so successful at it. Some of them, you know, have evening, like, you know, get off of work on the way home.

Jay Conner


They’ll, you know, they’ll have like a reception, have some, you know, finger food, et cetera. We’ve had some other ones actually host the event in the evening after people get off work at an actual house that they have just finished renovating. And so they’ll have, you know, pick up snacks and et cetera and drinks right there at the house. So, you know, it, it just isn’t limited, you know, to a luncheon. I don’t think I’ve heard of anybody doing it at breakfast though. I haven’t heard that, but have you heard of any other venues or, or types of places where they have had it?

Crystal Baker


So, you know, it’s interesting you bring that up. We’ve had people that have leveraged and it’s about the relationship you have with your potential private lenders. So know your audience. So we’ve had people as you said, do happy hours. We’ve had people do them at breweries, and restaurants catered at the fellowship hall at the church. We’ve had people that have used buildings that are part of the home. So like community building. We’ve had people that brought it into their own homes and have done like desserts. So there are a plethora of different places where you could do something like this. It’s just really, in my personal opinion, it’s about knowing your audience and where they would feel the most comfortable and it would build the most confidence.

Jay Conner


Yeah, well and you make a good point there. I mean, you want it fun, you want it relaxed, and that’s the best environment to have. I mean, and of course, you know, birds of the same feather flock together. Some of the people there that you have are gonna know other people, right? It’s not like they’re gonna be walking into a cold environment. I mean, after all, you know, if you have some private lenders already, you wanna have two or three of those private lenders at your event and there’s a good chance those private lenders are gonna know each other, right?

Crystal Baker


That’s right. Absolutely. And so you wanna make it an inviting environment as well. Like you just said, birds and feathers flock together. So you want them to have the opportunity to interact with each other.

Jay Conner



Crystal Baker


Yeah. So what does that look like when they show up? What’s what you said, you know, we like to have kind of a fun environment. Do you just jump right in and start having, doing your presentation? What, what, how does this look like in terms of setup?

Jay Conner


Yeah, well we definitely want to have what I call a warmup period. You know, a meet and greet, you know, have some snacks that they can go ahead and, and you know, start enjoying right away. So typically, you know, we’ll spend the first 15 minutes, 20 minutes or so of just people arriving. You know, you always have, you know, one or two or three that’s not right there, you know, at the, at the top of the hour when you begin it. Particularly if you’re gonna be having the event, you know, at the end of the day. And so, you know, a little warm-up, you know, shake hands, you know, and when you are hosting a private lender event, well you need to have on your host hat and what does a host do? The job of the host is to make everyone feel welcome and make everyone you know, feel comfortable. So obviously you as the host, you’re gonna be welcoming people as they come in and you want to be introducing people to other people so that they can be starting conversations with each other during that networking period right up front.

Crystal Baker


Absolutely. And I think you just, you know, you made a key point. Oftentimes I find that people forget that that is your responsibility, that you wanna warm up the audience with one another as well, doing those introductions, being there, to meet and greet. So you don’t wanna be off ready to prepare to, you know, present a PowerPoint or be off on your own when you should be really interacting with your guests.

Jay Conner


Absolutely. Now as I said, the job is to make them feel welcome, make them feel comfortable.

Crystal Baker


So, so I, I just wanna unpack just a touch and only for just a moment. We’ve talked about different types of places where you could have the event. What are your key recommendations about assuring that you’ve picked the right place for the event? Aside from what I commented, you know, knowing your audience.

Jay Conner


Well, you know, if you’re gonna have it at a restaurant, I don’t really recommend having that in the, in the back of Denny’s restaurant. I’m probably not gonna want to do it at and, and, and, and look, I love Denny’s, right? I nothing against Denny’s, but I want to have it at a location, particularly if it’s gonna be a restaurant at one of the nicer places that, that, you know, I could afford to have the people because you know, you wanna put you be the best foot forward and you know, let them know that you are really trying to provide something of value. Obviously, the people you invite are not gonna be, I mean if it’s at a restaurant and it’s a luncheon, they’re not gonna be paying for their own food. You are going to, you know, as the host that’s teaching people about private money and self-directed IRAs, you’re gonna be providing the meal.

Jay Conner


So you know, if it’s at one of your houses that you have renovated and you wanna show that off, what a great place, you know, to have your general contractor, you know, at that. But if it’s gonna be at a restaurant, put your best foot forward. For myself, when Carol Joy and I have a private lender luncheon, we have it over at the Dunes Club, which is right on the oceanfront. It’s a private club and so, you know, it gives that kind of exclusivity. However, you know, you may not be a member, of a private club, good chance maybe you aren’t. Well, have it at a nice hotel, a nice rose, a nice resort, the best setting that you can come up with.

Crystal Baker


Absolutely. And we do love the Dunes Club, it’s lovely. But that being said, that does set a high precedent. But like you said, if it’s a location where one obviously speaks to the best that you can, you know, the most that you can afford to do it, but also is a private location where you’re not gonna be interrupted a lot going on or there’s all that background noise or activity so people can actually be engaged with you. So you’ve mentioned a couple of things about people that you might want to invite. So I heard you say private current private lender and I heard you mention contractors. So who should you invite to come to your private lender luncheon or event? Yeah,

Jay Conner


What I do is, you know, I want to have as much credibility, I wanna have as much proof as I can at the event that would, these people would, you know, give me credibility. Well, who in the world would that be? Well, first of all, I want to show my attendees that, you know, I’ve got a real team put together. Well, who’s the team? Who’s on the team? Well my, on my team is my realtor that, you know, pulls all my comps for me, lists my houses for me, finds deals for me. So my realtor’s gonna be there, there. I’m also gonna have my real estate attorney. Now if your attorney doesn’t give you enough credibility, then well you need to change your attorney. But my real estate attorney is gonna be there, my CPA is gonna be there and I may have some of my team members, you know, if you have an acquisitionist, you might want your acquisition there.

Jay Conner


You know, general contractors as I mentioned before, are current private lenders if you have any. And you know, just by having those people there, when I start the presentation after everyone has assembled and you know, we’ve had the warmup period, you know, for 20 minutes or so, one of the first things I’m gonna do up front before I actually start teaching the private lending program, how people can earn high rates of returns safely and securely, talking about self-directed IRAs, I’m going to introduce my guests that are on my team. Well, I can assure you if you have any current private lenders there after the event, the new potential private lenders that you have invited, they’re gonna wanna talk right to your current private lenders. So having that team of, I call it your credibility team that shows people that you really are in business and you’re doing this thing is so important.

Jay Conner


I don’t wanna invite just potential private lenders. I want them to be able to interact with, you know, my team members, and here are the people that you want to, you know, back to being a host and having on your host hat, here are the people that I want to introduce people too, as people are coming in, I want to have my team members right up there with me. In fact, I wanna have my team members there maybe 10 minutes early before we’ve invited everybody else so that add my real estate attorney to my realtor, my CPA, my general contractor, etcetera. And what a great way to start, you know, that warmup period by introducing the potential private lenders that you’ve invited there to your team members.

Crystal Baker


Absolutely. And you know, you make such a good point and I really appreciate your sharing that with everyone. You, you, you have to build credibility when you’re in spaces, right? And people wanna work with people that they know and trust. It’s much easier to know and trust you when you are already showing them this whole team of people that work side by side with you and, especially like you said, here’s your attorney right there so they know that you’re not just some kind of fly by night person who’s just off doing business in whatever way they, you know, willy nilly, whatever you wanna do. You’ve got, an actual attorney right there that’s showing, hey, this guy’s legit. He does, you know, he does a decent, solid business. So that’s awesome. And, so we were asked a really great question by one of the individuals that attends your platform as part of your platform for teaching. And they said, Well how does someone that has no experience come off as credible? How do they show competence? So what would you recommend they do if they don’t already have a history of investing?

Jay Conner


Yeah, so there are a couple of ways. Both ways are what I call leveraging a relationship, right? So if someone’s brand new, and you’re right Crystal, we get this question all the time. Who in the world is gonna loan me money if I’ve never done a deal before? Well, first of all, let me give you that, the answer to that and then we’ll talk back to your question Crystal. So here is what I call a writer downer. The reason someone will loan you money and you’ve never done a deal before is because if you as the borrower do not pay them, the property pays them. Now, what in the world do I mean by that? As you see we don’t borrow unsecured funds. Now we can, nothing wrong with it, it’s legal, but that’s not the way we do business with our private lenders. When we borrow funds for our deals, we collateralize, here’s what we call collateralizing the note, which means the private lender, the individual, of course, to make sure you understand what we’re talking about here.

Jay Conner


This is all about doing business with human beings, individuals, and other people. This is nothing about institutional money or hard money. This is not about hard money lending. This is all doing business with individuals. So when you’re doing business with them, we want to back their note with the real estate that we’re buying. So how do you leverage a relationship? Well, if you’re working with someone, say like me and you know, we are in business together, whatever, then you can leverage our relationship. You know you can say, somebody says, Well how many deals have you done? Well, you can honestly answer that question. Well, and my business partner Jay Connor or whoever it is, we’ve rehabbed or he’s rehabbed over 450 houses, right? If you’re doing this, you can join a venture with someone right there in your local area. And what I mean by that is, you know, one thing you should be a member of is your local r your real estate investing association.

Jay Conner


Get involved in your local real estate investing association. Volunteer, right? Well when you are networking with people at your local R and you learn that someone has been, you know, doing deals well, you can offer to joint venture with them by saying, You know what? I know how to raise private money. Would you mind us joint venturing on a deal? And what I can bring to the table is the money and the funding. In fact, Crystal, you know, we have a student and his wife Eric and Erica, they just bought an apartment complex on a joint venture because they had learned from us how to raise private money. So leveraging your relationship with someone else if you’re new that is experienced is a great way to have immediate credibility just by talking about them being your business partner.

Crystal Baker


Yeah, absolutely. And so I wanna point out a couple of key things that you said and one is that we collateralize these notes, right? So you’re not just borrowing private money and saying, you know, Sure, we’ll, we’ll get it back to you. You’re actually giving them an equity cushion by collateralizing it to the property. So that is one key thing and certainly differentiates the way that you teach the program vice a lot of other people that are out there that are working in private money. And so that gives you a lot of credibility from the very get-go. And then on top of that, as you said, you can leverage these relationships. So when you are working with someone like yourself and we’re, when you have coaching students, they have that, that right to say, Hey, I’m in partnership with you. So they can, and I tell ’em when I’m working that one-on-one coaching them, I explain to them that, you know, they have the great opportunity since they work with you, that they do have that relationship. They can call us at a moment’s notice, and they can ask you for help. So it isn’t like they’re out on their own and that, that that’s not true. So it’s really leveraging that relationship.

Jay Conner


You’re right Crystal, I tell you, I know, you know, but someone listening may not know I’m so excited about this private money guide that I recently finished writing and I wanna give it away for free. And this private money guide will put you on the fast track to getting funding for your deals and never miss out on a deal, just like I haven’t. And like Crystal hasn’t for you know, a long, long time. And the name of this guy, you can download it for free. The name of this private money guide is Seven Reasons Why Private Money will Skyrocket your real estate business and help you build incredible Wealth. This will get you started on the fast track to getting private money and funding for your deals. And listen, if you’ve never raised private money or you have raised some, you want to get this private money guide, you can download it for free at That’s all one word, money guide. Again that’s guide. And you know, Crystal, we’ve been working together for a number of years just for the fun of it. Share with our listeners how much private money have you raised.

Crystal Baker


I have a little over 3 million in private money at this time.

Jay Conner


Yeah. And are you having the same trouble? I am. And that is, you got more money available to you. You can use

Crystal Baker


All, it’s really skyrocketed in comparison to before we have people seeking us out.

Jay Conner


Yeah, and you know, and the deal is as you and I have talked about time and time again, you know, none of this is chasing, none of this is begging, none of this is selling. It’s all about putting your teacher hat on. What do I mean by that Crystal? When I say put your teacher hat on?

Crystal Baker


So you have really crafted a unique approach and that is you are teaching people how they can invest their funds at very high rates of return safely and securely, typically tax-free. I may have practiced that a time or two, not for this podcast, but for an introduction. But the truth of the matter is that all of the materials are teaching materials. So it’s looking for that opportunity to truly teach somebody what options are available to them that they don’t previously know. Most of the general public has no idea that this is a possibility. And so until you or someone that you’ve taught teaches them, they will not know. So rather than going to someone and saying, Hey, I’ve got this deal or I need this money, it has nothing to do with that. You’re just showing them a possibility teaching them about what’s available that they would never know and then they have the opportunity to opt-in and say, Oh my goodness, that would be, that’s something that looks like it would be good for me. Because who couldn’t benefit from investing their funds and making that kind of money?

Jay Conner


Exactly. And you know, someone may be asking the question to themselves, well how do I learn what to teach ’em at this event? What is the private lending program? Well again, downloading the private money guide that I just told you all about, will get you started. So you know, we have like a 20-point checklist teaching people what the program is and we do this at the events and you would want to use it as well if you’re just visiting one-on-one with someone or you’re a networking event. But you know what interest rate, you know, do we pay? And by the way, that’s another big thing right there, isn’t it Crystal? I mean we get to make the rules, we get to make the rules in this water, private money. The private lender’s not setting the interest rate, they’re not setting the term.

Jay Conner


It’s like 180 degrees in Kentucky, they call it a 360. You went too far. If you went 360, it’s a 180-degree turn from borrowing money from the banks. Because when you borrow money from the banks or hard money lenders or brokers, they’re making the rules, they’re setting the interest rate, they’re setting what’s the maximum loan to value. But in this world of private money, we as the borrower teaching other people, set the whole program, right? We even have a way for them to get their money back in case of an emergency prior to the term come and do. So, you know, it took me a little bit of time to get that whole concept wrapped around my head. I mean, we never bring any of our own money to the closing table. It’s like it’s all really private money and is all a no-down payment transaction. Meaning it’s not of our own money that we are bringing to the table to, you know, purchase the property. The private money lender is funding all of it. And Crystal, don’t we always bring home a big check when we buy? How does that work?

Crystal Baker


I was, and it was funny you were saying that cuz that’s exactly what was running through my mind at that moment we always borrow more than we need for the transaction. And the reason we do that is not because we just wanna borrow all this excess money and it’s not such a good idea or that we’re leveraging the client, we’re just still staying within the parameters that protect the client. But it makes sure that we have money to get our rehab done, to pay for caring costs, and whatever else you might need to do with it. So you’re leveraging the property and the equity in the property to borrow more and actually get that money that’s excess cash to close.

Jay Conner


I love it. Back to you Chris. So you’re the one with questions today.

Crystal Baker


Yeah, absolutely. I wanna say one thing. I love that you share the private money guide and that it’s free to people because one of the things that I love about you is you’re always about giving back. So make sure that everybody’s watching, I just wanna share with them, please make sure that you take advantage of that because that’s really what Jay’s about. He has a servant’s heart, he’s giving back. So I love that you’re doing that for them. So I wanted to ask you at least one more question. I’m not sure how much more time we have, so, but one more key question I wanna kind of dig down into that we were asked and that was, well what in the world happens after this private lender event? So you, you know that you got there, you opened it up, you had some interaction, you got ’em all warmed up, and then we know that you presented your private lending program to them. But what happens when it’s over?

Jay Conner


Well, here’s a writer’s downer. Have you ever heard me say the money is in the follow-up? The money’s in the follow-up. So what happens after the event? Well, first of all, this is all about positioning. So these people that were invited or are invited to your event, you’re asking them for their help that’s upfront. You’re asking them for their help as far as, hey, I need you to help me have a successful event by attending. And you know, Crystal, have you not heard more than once? Our students will have an event planner. The student will call up and invite people and they’ll say, Well I’m really not interested in that and you know, I don’t want to eat your food for free. And you know, I’ve heard, I’ve heard at least one student say, Well hey, I know you’re not interested, that’s fine, but I need your help. I need you to show up. So this is successful. And they do, don’t they Crystal?

Crystal Baker


They do. Well, people wanna help other people and you teach this and there’s actually a study out there that was done that says, people who help other people actually like those people more. So if you’re not asking to do something complicated, you’re feeding these people. That’s not complicated. You’re giving back. So absolutely people will show up and then amazingly enough turns out, once they hear the information, they’re interested. Right, Jay?

Jay Conner


Exactly. I, I mean, I’ve heard, you know, I’ve heard students say this time and time again, I’m thinking of one in particular that, you know, she actually said, Look, I need your help. I need you to come anyway. And she ended up being, you know, a private lender, you know, after the event. So what happens after the event? Well, I’m, we’re gonna call ’em up. We’re gonna thank ’em for attending the event, thank ’em for, you know, helping you out by coming to the private money event. Ask for their feedback as far as, well, can you give me some advice on how I could have made the event better? Right? And you know, I’m thinking, of one particular student of ours, Crystal, that says when they do the follow-up, they don’t even ask them if they’re interested. The attendees are automatically going to tell you if they’re interested or not after you’ve thanked them for coming and asked them for their feedback. Right, Crystal?

Crystal Baker


Absolutely. Because this is a great opportunity for them. So if they already have that warm connection, you’re not making them come find you. You’re reaching out and saying hi. You know, how did it go? What’d you think? This opens the door for them to just share where it is that they are. Oh my goodness, I’m really interested in that. How do I get involved?

Jay Conner


Exactly. Exactly. So yeah, I mean the private money event, is a great way to leverage your time. I’ve raised, you know, almost a million dollars in private money just doing one of these events. And so I just can’t encourage you enough to have your own private money event just like Crystal, just like myself, just like you know, our other students have all across the nation. And again, how are you gonna do that? Where are you gonna get started by downloading the private money guide at And I’ll get you started. Crystal, how fun has this been for somebody else to ask me questions, let’s meet instead of me doing all the interviewing, thank you for joining me, Crystal.

Crystal Baker


My pleasure. Thank you for letting me pick your brain.

Jay Conner


Absolutely. Well, there you have it, my friend. Thank you for tuning in and joining us here on Raising Private Money. And guess what? I need your help. Yes, I need your help. So how can you help me? Well, first of all, I really appreciate your liking, sharing, and subscribing. If you happen to be watching on YouTube, be sure and click that bell so you don’t miss out on any notifications of the upcoming Raising Private Money podcast. And in addition to liking and sharing and subscribing, how else can you help me? Think of one person, a family member, a friend that you believe, a fellow real estate investor that could really take advantage and have value in listening to this episode. Share this episode and I will appreciate you so much. So that wraps up another episode of Raising Private Money. I’m Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority, wishing you all the best here’s to taking your business to the next level and we’ll see you right here on the next Raising Private Money.