Get Private Money For Your Deals!

Bypass the banks and get unlimited private money to fund your real estate deals!

Get Private Money For Your Deals!

Bypass the banks and get unlimited private money to fund your real estate deals!

Introducing, Jay Conner

Jay Conner, a nationally renowned real estate investor, faced frustrations in his initial investments due to large down payments, high origination fees, and restrictive rules imposed by banks. The situation worsened when his bank suddenly cut off his funding during a market downturn. This prompted Jay to explore alternative investment strategies like buying properties "Subject-To", using options, and buying with "Lease/Options". 

Still needing a reliable funding source, Jay designed a unique system combining the best aspects of his research. With this system, he was able to secure $250,000 from his first prospect, followed by $2,150,000 in private funding within a few months. This system, dubbed "Where To Get The Money Now," revolutionized his investment career and helped him realize massive profits annually, despite living in a small city.

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How To Get Private Money To Fund Your Deals

Discover The Simple Step-By-Step Strategy To Attracting Private Money For All Of Your Real Estate Deals!

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The Secrets Of How I Made $456,000 In 6 Months!

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What Our Clients Have To Say...

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"Jay's course opened my eyes on all the possibilities of private lenders!"

Debbie Bunnel

"While attending Jay's Seminar "Where to Get The Money Now", I sent a link of Jay's brochure to an Attorney I know. I immediately received a text message back from him saying: "I've got a $100,000.00, give me a call as soon as you can!"

Ron Wilkerson

Huntsville, Alabama

"I really enjoyed the "Where to Get The Money Now" seminar with Jay Conner. Jay did a great job teaching us how to raise all the money we need to fund our cash deals. I highly recommend Jay's Product."

Dustin Griffin

Atlanta, Georgia

** The customer reviews and testimonials featured on this site ARE REAL.  Please know that there are no shortcuts to successfully investing in real estate. My results and our customers/clients' results are not typical. I have discovered a formula that works for me and I share it through this site and my courses, so that others may learn from my many mistakes and experiences. **

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Why Do Some People Almost Always Make Money in Real Estate?

The answer is simple: private money! You have the opportunity to completely transform your business and your life through the power of private money.