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The deals are everywhere, and the time to strike is NOW! Cranking up your business right now can change your life forever. We both know it, and that’s why this live training is so important. I’ll dig deep into the details of my own private lending program and I’ll expose my jealously-guarded secrets, so you’ll know exactly how to grab your piece of this unprecedented opportunity.

Here is a small sample of the things you’ll discover at this live event:

  • How to find private lenders in your local area who are actively loaning money on real estate deals right now. (These folks want to loan YOU money. I’ll show you how to find them with 1 click of your mouse.)
  • How to approach people you know. And how to contact people you don’t know, but that are already private lenders. These 2 systems are completely different.
  • Learn the 14 questions potential private lenders will ask. (Mess this up and you can kiss millions of dollars GOOD-BYE!)
  • How a Done-For-You custom-recorded CD can land you over a million dollars in private money no matter your age or experience!
  • Learn the secret to my “Introductory Letter” and when to use it, and why not using it will kill your chance of success.
  • How to put my Where To Get The Money Now system on auto-pilot so you don’t talk with anyone until they know what you do and get all their questions answered. When you do talk, they’re ready to lend you money.
  • Discover the #1 technique that you can use to get your private lenders offering you more money than they tell you they have.
  • Learn the single most effective way to keep your private lenders happy and sending you their friends.
  • Find out the 6 must-have qualities of any letter you mail to a potential private lender.
  • How to turn 5 minutes and an internet connection into a proven tactic for finding private lenders in your own backyard!
  • Discover the little-known strategy to immediately providing “Proof of Funds” without revealing your private lender’s personal account information or bank statements.
  • How to sign up new, eager private lenders who are happy with single digit interest rates!
  • Learn the 2 surest (and nearly fail-safe) ways to sign up 100% of your potential private lenders!
  • 2 simple tools I discovered to position yourself as not “selling” anything.
  • What you should always do before meeting with a potential private lender which will immediately have them waiting on your every word. (Plus: one thing that you should never do!) I’ll give you a step-by-step checklist.
  • How to CLOSE THE DEAL with your new private lender. (You’ve got a deal -you’ve got a new private lender anxious and ready to go -now what do you do?) I’ll give you a step-by-step checklist.
  • How to decide which deals to use private money, and which deals NOT TO USE private money. (If you don’t understand this, you’ll waste hundreds of thousands of dollars!)
  • Discover the 10 crucial factors that determine how successful you will be. Ace all ten, and the sky’s the limit!
  • Learn the three steps to teach your potential private lender to use their lRAs and retirement accounts as private money for YOU without confusing them or running them off.
  • Discover the easy trick that will put a $30,000 check in your pocket when you BUY a property! (I love to get paid when I buy AND when I sell!)
  • Find out 2 questions that, when asked and answered properly, can help you determine how much money your private lender really has!
  • How to use my 52 secrets and powerful tips that reveal how to get more private money than you can spend!
  • How to make sure all paperwork is completed correctly with all the “t’s” crossed and “i’s” dotted, without you lifting a finger! You do NO paperwork, and there is NO agreement for you to get signed.
  • With my system, before you know it, you’ll have ALL the money you ever dreamed of for your real estate deals! Maybe even before you leave this event! I guarantee you’ll never worry about money again!
  • You’ll learn enough insider strategies for attracting private lenders to keep you in cash for decades! But you have to attend …
  • You’ll walk out loaded with proven strategies for securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding! Including:
  • My Social Media strategy that reveals my “FaceBook Private Message.” (The first time I sent this little message to a friend of mine on FaceBook, it landed me $30,000!)
  • The script I use to invite folks to a “private luncheon” and I’ll include all the Powerpoint slides you’ll need if you do one.
  • All about the “Payoff Instruction Letter.” You’ll use this when CASHING OUT on a deal. (I love cashing out on deals! It makes for big check days!)
  • My “Loan Offering” Template: When to use it and when NOT to.
  • My Introductory Letter I mail to folks I know. I’ll teach you how to use this letter, when to use it, and what to mail with it. 82% of recipients of this letter want to become my private lender. (I learned this lesson the hard way!)

See What Investors are Saying About This Cash-Finding Event …

“Jay’s private lending scripts alone are worth the price of his entire system, and are the best I’ve ever heard … including mine!” – Ron LeGrand, Famous Real Estate Guru, Jacksonville, FL

“While attending Jay’s seminar Where to Get The Money Now, I sent a link of Jay’s brochure to an attorney I know. I immediately received a text message back from him saying: “I’ve got a $100,000.00, give me a call as soon as you can!” – Ron Wilkerson, Huntsville, AL

“You will not believe this, but it is absolutely the truth … 3 days after attending Jay’s seminar Where to get the Money Now, I was doing a call on one of my customers. He was telling me about how he had just sold his home and I ask him if he had ever considered real-estate investing. After hearing the information that I shared out of Jay’s seminar, he is now in contact with my attorney to discuss his $500,000.00 investment!“
– Donald A. Hovey, Norfolk, MA

“Thanks Jay for providing us with your knowledge and expertise on Where to Get The Money Now. The manual is very helpful and I plan to make frequent references. Iam keeping a printed copy close by, so I can make my notes in it along the way. Your step by step system, which can be automated, is worth every second saved while working my business. The scripts you included will definitely take on a role when I have your system up and running.”
– Linda Whitefoot, Listowel, Ontario, CAN

“I thoroughly enjoyed Jay’s seminar! We have used private lending in the past but did it wrong, and our marketing efforts were not working at all. Jay’s methods will change that!“
– Jack & Ann Curley, St. Augustine, FL

“Jay is a very dynamic speaker! He shares information that is current, practical and relevant to closing deals. I was impressed with the manual that was full of ideas and very helpful. With the manual, you can hit the ground running as soon as you leave the seminar.“
– Noland T. Hicks, Macon, GA

“The information was very helpful, and the education I received was worth so much more than what I paid for the seminar. Jay exemplifies the passion needed for success!” – Ivan Gordon, Stone Mountain, GA

“I have owned a real estate business for 32 years and I have attended many private money seminars, but Jay Conner’s Where to Get The Money Now course, CDs and DVDs, without a doubt is what I have been looking for! If you need a “Step by Step” plan of what, how and when, then Jay, with his enthusiastic style, will show you the way!” – Bob Millisits, Pittsburgh, PA