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Introducing Jay Conner

How To Fund Your Deals With
Self-Directed IRA's

A LOT of my private lenders fund deals with their self-directed IRA.  In this report, I show you the step-by-step process to getting it all set up...

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Jay's Live Event!

Attend LIVE as Jay walks you through private money strategies, shows you his investment properties at each and every stage, plus so much more!

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What Our Clients Have To Say...

"While attending Jay's Seminar "Where to Get The Money Now", I sent a link of Jay's brochure to an Attorney I know. I immediately received a text message back from him saying: "I've got a $100,000.00, give me a call as soon as you can!""

Ron Wilkerson - Huntsville, AL

"I really enjoyed the "Where to Get The Money Now" seminar with Jay Conner. Jay did a great job teaching us how to raise all the money we need to fund our cash deals. I highly recommend Jay's Product."

Dustin Griffin - Atlanta, GA